Reco Hill Presents “Dope 3” Mixtape

It’s happened again. Recording engineer and producer Reco Hill (also from “Reco On The Move”) has unleashed a brand new mixtape jam-packed with the best of best of the current names in local hip hop right here in the 217! This one is called “Dope 3” (following Dope 2 and Dope 1 in previous years). This one kicks off with an interview by Samara Brunt, then we have ten original tracks by ten local original artists, and a “farewell” at the end by Reco himself.

Dope 3 is streaming on a number of platforms including Apple Music and Anghami. We are also adding this one to the list for this year under our Springfield album archive page!

DJ Reco: “Dope 2 Mixtape”


Keeping things rolling with all of the new music that has been coming out in this city! Today we bring you one that came out late last year right around Christmastime. That is DJ Reco’s “Dope 2 Mixtape” – a compilation of a whole 19 artists from the area, including a few that have performed before at our space. You can stream this whole entire thing and even download it online right here at “”

Dope 2 Mixtape is a follow up to the first Dope Mixtape which was released earlier last year and features the old South Town Studio / South Town Sound building on the cover. We are listing this one on for local releases that came out in 2019 on our Springfield album archive page.

DJ Reco / Various Artists: “Dope: The Mixtape”


Here’s another very recent local hip hop release that came out last month that we now know about thanks to Ken No of Hip Hop Humpday and Activator Magazine. It is a compilation of songs of artists – 27 songs in fact – put together by DJ Reco, called Dope: The Mixtape. The cover features a building we are somewhat familiar with. The mixtape is streaming on and you can check it out right here. Can we embed players from Datpiff??? Let’s see… Yes!!? Does that player right down there work? Awesome!

We are adding this release to our Springfield album archive page, bringing us to 33 releases that we’ve kept track of so far this year and 459 total.

The Suction Cups: “Mummies Alive!” (Ron Wasserman)


Today we bring you a new track recorded by Springfield’s own Suction Cups which is a cover of the “Mummies Alive” theme song composed by Ron Wasserman. The song was done for a compilation being put out by Champaign/Urbana-based label Kuloolu Records featuring all songs from the 1990’s being covered by current bands from our area. You can stream the cover below.

The full compilation is called “The 90’s but NOW” and you can check out the first four tracks that have been released right here. The first track also features Springfield band The Complaint Line covering “Somebody to Shove” by Soul Asylum.


Looming to be Featured on “It Came From Plan-It-X” Compilation


Bloomington, Indiana-based record label Plan-It-X Records have announced that they are planning to 20-band compilation release which will feature one song by Springfield’s very own Looming. From Chris Clavin of Plan-It-X Records: 

So, despite slowing down on releasing physical music. Plan-it-x will be releasing one LP comp each year. This comp will be filled to the edges with cool bands (see below) that I really like and hopefully that you have never heard of (and probably a few ‘cool’ bands to help it get out there). 

There is a Kickstarter site set up to fund the compilation LP which you can find right here. The Kickstarter is set up with a $3,999 goal in mind and there are incentives set up such as a free download of the LP for $5 and the physical copy of the LP for $15. Bands confirmed so far include Looming, Ghost Mice, Garrett Walters, Spoonboy, Superfamicom, and more.

Right now the next Springfield show that Looming has lined up is Wednesday, November 5th at Black Sheep along with Dowsing and Our Lady.

Park: “Fortunate Son” (Creedence Clearwater Revival)


It looks like the first recording from Springfield band Park has been released since the band reunited last year, and it’s a cover of “Fortunate Son” by 1960s/70s rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival. The track comes from an upcoming compilation being released by Blue Recording Co. called Bother Me Tomorrow: An Indie Tribute To Creedence Clearwater Revival. You can check out Park’s song on the compilation right here. For the full tracklist of the compilation head over to the Blue Recording Co site. The digital release of the compilation can also be pre-ordered for $7 right here.

Park are also currently working on some more original material including an EP and a full length album later on. The band has promised through their facebook page that they are currently putting finishing touches on the three-song EP. We will sure to let you know when the new Park EP is available for the public to hear.


Mario Cannamela: “Drinking Gasoline” (Montagh)



It looks like Springfield acoustic act/guitarist of punk band Soap Scum Mario Cannamela has released a version of a popular Montagh song “Drinking Gasoline” through Springfield label Patch Records. The track is available for free stream and download at bandcamp right here, and you can also stream it at the bottom of this post. Cory V of Patch Records had this to say about the song:

I was like going to not talk about this until I was more ready for it to be done (I’m seriously so far from being done), but Springfield is too talented. Patch is doing a covers compilation of Springfield musicians covering other Springfield musicians. Here is Mario Scum playing a Montagh song. More songs slowly over the next three month? Guess so, because Austin’s cover is so good.

So by the sound of it, Patch Records should be releasing a compilation of Springfield musicians covering other Springfield songs. Cory hinted at another cover coming soon being performed by Austin Connelly of Montagh. More info about the compilation and possibly other songs will be posted soon.

New Hospital Job Song On Compilation


A brand new song from Springfield pop punk band Hospital Job has recently appeared on a compilation put together by It’s Alive Records. The compilation is called Show’Em The Hand Vol. 3 and it is available for streaming and pay-what-you-want download on bandcamp. The new Hospital Job track on the compilation is called “Tell Me Four Things About Yourself” and you can find it streaming below along with the rest of the songs on the sampler. It appears that Hospital Job have been recently working on new material for an unknown and upcoming release.

Hospital Job will be playing Springfield next at The Poon Lagoon on Saturday, February 22nd along with Be My Doppelganger, Horrible Things, and Nephrons.

The Luzhin Defense Featured on St Louis Remix Compilation


St. Louis based project Cave of Swords have recently released an album of remixes featuring various artists including Springfield’s very own Luzhin Defense. You can stream the entire album here on Cave of Sword’s bandcamp with a name-your-price download or check it out below. The Luzhin Defense are also playing Springfield next on February 11th at The Radon Lounge along with Mr Nasti, Runaway, Like… With Jetpacks, and Hushpad.

Patchwork 2012

To officially wrap up 2012 we have a message from Kevin. Then we have another nice little surprise for you all!

2012 was a great year for Black Sheep! Truth be told, 2011 was a scary year for us and I was concerned we may not be able to sustain ourselves as an establishment into the next year. This year however was a tremendous come back for us and we have been more stable finacially then we have been in a long time. We did many improvements to the building, we started this website, and we had some great shows! I would like to personally thank each and every volunteer who helps enable us to keep doing what we’re doing. Words cannot express my gratitiude to everyone who believes in us, this little place on the corner of 11th Street and South Grand. The odds have always been against us but because people believed in this community we are still here. Much love. I would also like to thank all of the amazing bands here in our scene. So much great music is coming out of our area right now and it’s awesome to see it happen! It is an exciting time. Also, thank you so much to everyone who comes out to shows here, you are the life blood of this place. We are all excited about 2013 and what the future holds! DIY til’ we die.

– Kevin Bradford


It’s 2013! Big things are happening for Springfield music right now in 2013, so we are going to celebrate the new year with a nice Springfield music gift to you all! Patchwork 2012 is now up for free download! Stream the entire compilation below or head over to our bandcamp page and download it for free! The compilation will continue to be up for free streaming and downloading on our website throughout the year. Enjoy!