Patchwork 2012

To officially wrap up 2012 we have a message from Kevin. Then we have another nice little surprise for you all!

2012 was a great year for Black Sheep! Truth be told, 2011 was a scary year for us and I was concerned we may not be able to sustain ourselves as an establishment into the next year. This year however was a tremendous come back for us and we have been more stable finacially then we have been in a long time. We did many improvements to the building, we started this website, and we had some great shows! I would like to personally thank each and every volunteer who helps enable us to keep doing what we’re doing. Words cannot express my gratitiude to everyone who believes in us, this little place on the corner of 11th Street and South Grand. The odds have always been against us but because people believed in this community we are still here. Much love. I would also like to thank all of the amazing bands here in our scene. So much great music is coming out of our area right now and it’s awesome to see it happen! It is an exciting time. Also, thank you so much to everyone who comes out to shows here, you are the life blood of this place. We are all excited about 2013 and what the future holds! DIY til’ we die.

– Kevin Bradford


It’s 2013! Big things are happening for Springfield music right now in 2013, so we are going to celebrate the new year with a nice Springfield music gift to you all! Patchwork 2012 is now up for free download! Stream the entire compilation below or head over to our bandcamp page and download it for free! The compilation will continue to be up for free streaming and downloading on our website throughout the year. Enjoy!

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