Baby Ocho: “Demos EP”


Springfield musical project Baby Ocho has came forward with a collection of demo recordings during this quarantine a few days ago. The collection is of seven songs under the title Demo EP. You can find that all streaming on the player below. Also head on over to the Baby Ocho bandcamp page where you can download the EP at your own price.

Baby Ocho, which started as the solo project of Mateusz Serafin, played their first show in Springfield as a three-piece full band at one of the last shows we got to have before the shut-down on March 12th. Of course there are no live shows currently lined up.


Bottom Bracket: “I Don’t Care Enough To Stay”


Here we are once again today bringing you a tiny smidgen of good news amongst these dark and uncertain times for the world. The brand new Bottom Bracket full length album, I Don’t Care Enough To Stay is out and streaming online on a number of platforms. You can stream the eight-track album on the bandcamp player embedded below. Find links to purchase the physical album on vinyl, CD, or cassette on the bandcamp page right here. The album is being released by Rat King Records out of Champaign.

Bottom Bracket originally had their big release show scheduled to happen tomorrow night at our space but that of course has been postponed to a future date to be determined. This one is number twelve for releases we kept track of this year on our Springfield album archive page.

Timothy Donavan Russell: “Rest”


Maybe now with the stay-at-home order we should start expecting to see more music coming especially from all of the solo musical projects of Springfield, such as solo ambient artist Timothy Donavan Russell! Today we bring you a new album from Timothy – this one is two longer tracks, under the release name Rest. You can find that streaming on the player embedded below. This time Timothy actually has some others joining him on this release, from the bandcamp notes:

1) echo – ft Ted Russell on guitar as discovered on the old Starry Eye echoplex (for our collective histories and ancestors)

2) beginning – ft Garrick Veenstra on voice (for Galileo the Cat and all sentient beings)

Head on over to Timothy’s bandcamp page to download the album at your own price. This is Timothy’s first release on his bandcamp so far this year – we’ve also added this one to our Springfield album archive page bringing us to 11 releases we have kept track of this year so far.

Blushe: “MAD”


Today we bring you the new five-track EP from Springfield local rockers, Blushe. This EP is entitled “MAD” and you can stream it all on the bandcamp player embedded below. Of course tonight is the scheduled release show (CD? cassette? we are not sure) for Blushe, and the show is continuing despite other events getting cancelled all over the city, state, and globe these past few days. Be sure to come out only if you are feeling up for it, and be sure to wash your hands. Head over to the Blushe bandcamp page to download this album at your own price.

This one is added on to our Springfield album archive page for 2020, bringing us to 9 releases we’ve kept track of so far this year.

Star Stuff: “Live At Audiofeed 2019”


We don’t usually list out live recordings on our site here, but we figured this one is going to be a rare exception – since at this point we do not have any recordings at all for Springfield rock group Star Stuff, who has been around playing shows in town for a minute! Today we bring you some live recordings that were just released of the band’s performance at Audiofeed Music Festival which took place in Urbana this past summer. You can check out those recordings on the player below, or head over to the newly created Star Stuff bandcamp page where you can download all six tracks at your own price.

Star Stuff’s next show lined up is happening at our space – one that was just recently announced for Thursday, March 12th along with Maddie Razook, Baby Ocho, and Clare Frachey.

Mvrty1300: “True Colors”


Today we are bringing you a brand new album by local Springfield hip hop artist “Mvrty1300.” The album is a full nine tracks and called True Colors. You can find the album streaming on the soundcloud player embedded below. Check out a direct link to stream the album on youtube right here, or on soundcloud right here.

Yes, we are adding this one to our Springfield album archive page, which brings us to 50 releases from this year featured on our site. We’ll be compiling a list for our annual best-of’s poll here very soon and will be asking for your help in naming off releases we might have forgotten!

Terrell Burns: “TBH EP”


Today we bring you a brand new release from HISO Music affiliated artist Terrell Burns. Terrell recently dropped a brand new EP called TBH.  The EP is a total of eight tracks and you can find it streaming on the youtube player below. You can also check out the full album up on youtube right here, also check out a list of links of the album streaming on other sites right here. You can check out the music video for Terrell’s song “Final Four” which is off this release also on Youtube right here.

Animals With Human Names: “Anti-Social / Duck’s Guts”


Hey hey hey, it’s time to bring you some new local music. Today we are bringing you two brand new hot tracks that just dropped by Animals With Human Names – local rap project that is actually performing at our big rap show happening tomorrow night. Those two songs are “Anti-Social” and “Duck’s Guts” and you can find them streaming on the player below. Also check out those songs on the Animals With Human Names bandcamp page where you can stream and download them at your own price. AWHN released his last album Basement Tapes a couple years ago in 2017 now.

Yep, we are adding this one to our Springfield Album Archive Page, bringing us to 41 releases that we’ve had featured this year.

Chance Reiniesch: “People Pleaser”


Today we bring you the stream of Gillespie Illinois-based pop artist Chance Reiniesch’s new EP, People Pleaser. You can stream all four songs of the EP on the youtube player below, or check it out on youtube right here, or Spotify right here.

Don’t forget that Chance’s EP release show is also tonight at Dumb Records, where he will have People Pleaser available for sale on CD! We will be sure to pick up copies for our local section as well! We are aslo adding this one to our Springfield album archive page, putting us at release number 38 so far as featured on our site this year.

Dexter Anodyne: “Weeping Venus”


Today we are bringing you a stream of a very hot and highly anticipated local release that has come out this summer from solo artist Dexter Anodyne! This is Dexter’s debut album called Weeping Venus. You can check out the album on the player streaming below, or head on over to Dexter’s bandcamp page where you can also purchase the mp3 download or the physical CD. We did have this one stocked in our local section at Dumb Records, but now we are sold out.

Dexter doesn’t have any shows lined up in town that are announced that we know of as of yet, but we know there are some on the way. There will also be a release for a music video for her song “The River” at some point very soon from our understanding. We are also adding this one to our Springfield album archive page, bringing us to 37 releases that we have had featured this year, and 463 total.