Chance Reiniesch: “People Pleaser”


Today we bring you the stream of Gillespie Illinois-based pop artist Chance Reiniesch’s new EP, People Pleaser. You can stream all four songs of the EP on the youtube player below, or check it out on youtube right here, or Spotify right here.

Don’t forget that Chance’s EP release show is also tonight at Dumb Records, where he will have People Pleaser available for sale on CD! We will be sure to pick up copies for our local section as well! We are aslo adding this one to our Springfield album archive page, putting us at release number 38 so far as featured on our site this year.

Dexter Anodyne: “Weeping Venus”


Today we are bringing you a stream of a very hot and highly anticipated local release that has come out this summer from solo artist Dexter Anodyne! This is Dexter’s debut album called Weeping Venus. You can check out the album on the player streaming below, or head on over to Dexter’s bandcamp page where you can also purchase the mp3 download or the physical CD. We did have this one stocked in our local section at Dumb Records, but now we are sold out.

Dexter doesn’t have any shows lined up in town that are announced that we know of as of yet, but we know there are some on the way. There will also be a release for a music video for her song “The River” at some point very soon from our understanding. We are also adding this one to our Springfield album archive page, bringing us to 37 releases that we have had featured this year, and 463 total.

Prince Cash: “Menace Of Society”


Here we are bringing you some more new local music in the form of this release from Jacksonville-based hip hop artist “Prince Cash“.  You can find Price Cash’s new eight-song album Menace To Society streaming on the Soundcloud player below. The album was released earlier this summer. You can also find it streaming on Youtube right here.

Prince Cash doesn’t have any live shows lined up as far as we can tell. We might be wrong though. We are also adding this release to this year for our Springfield album archive, bringing us to 31 releases this year and 457 releases total (surely there are many more that we need to catch up on).

Junior Pasáre: “We Gone Win”


Today we bring you a stream of another new local hip hop album – and that is by artist “Junior Pasáre” who just around one month ago dropped his brand new 12 track album called We Gone Win. You can find that streaming on the youtube player embedded below, or you can check it out on spotify right here.

There was a writeup on this album featured in Activator Magazine by Ken No. From the writeup:

We Gone Win is a well-crafted release from one of the very best in the 217, with Pasáre working both on the mic and on the boards. Project after project, Pasáre puts his all into his work, and the end result rewards multiple listens, with each layer of emoional depth and melodic mastery adding up to an exquisite album which only adds to his legacy.

We also have this one added to our Springfield album archive for releases that have came out this year.

Vincent Sebastian: “Interference”


Happy Sunday! We are taking things a little slow today over here at the office since we just got done with three nights with three great shows back-to-back-to-back at Dumb headquarters, so excuse us coming in late with some website posts today. A week or so ago Springfield/Chicago musician Vincent Sebastian released a debut full length album, Interference, around the same time he performed at the show at our space with Jocko and others. We are finally getting that album here streaming on our site today. If you haven’t listened yet, you can stream it on the player below – it’s great. You can also head over to Vincent Sebastian’s bandcamp page to purchase the download of the album.

Vincent doesn’t have any other shows lined up at our space that we know of as of right now. Keep your eyes and ears out for them in the future. Yes you can check this one out on our Springfield album archive page as well. We are at 451 released listed on that page.

Zetaretic: “Demo”


We recently discovered a brand new metal recording project and possibly soon to be full band called “ZETARETIC” from right here in the Capital City, so of course felt it appropriate to share Zetaretic’s demo recordings that were just recently released. You can stream the first song of that demo: “What Lies Beneath” on the Youtube player below. Or head over to the Zetaretic Youtube Page to stream all five of the tracks. The demo is called The United $lave$ of America. It looks as if right now Zetaretic is just the solo project of Aaron Williams, but Aaron is looking to recruit other members to turn it into a full band. Go check out the Zetaretic facebook page if you would like to stay updated or learn more!

Yes we are also adding this one as a 2019 release under our Springfield album archive page! Go check it out! We just hit 450 releases!

Stuart Smith: “The Sun EP”


Today we are happy to bring you a stream of semi-local Americana solo musician Stuart Smith’s new EP: The Sun EP which was released earlier this month. Stuart is based out of the small town of Winchester which is west of us. The Sun EP is six tracks, at least the first of those you can find streaming below. You can check out the full thing on soundcloud right here, or on spotify right here. You can also head on over to Stuart Smith’s website to look into ordering a phyiscal copy of the release – it looks like it is available on CD and a limited amount was pressed to 10″ vinyl but has been sold out!

Stuart Smith released a full length album, which was pressed to vinyl, War Horse last year and we did have copies of that in Dumb Records. That and The Sun EP are being added to our Springfield Album Archive page, which now brings us to 448 archived releases! Stuart does have a number of shows lined up in the area, which you can check out on his facebook page right here.