Timothy Donavan Russell: “Rest”


Maybe now with the stay-at-home order we should start expecting to see more music coming especially from all of the solo musical projects of Springfield, such as solo ambient artist Timothy Donavan Russell! Today we bring you a new album from Timothy – this one is two longer tracks, under the release name Rest. You can find that streaming on the player embedded below. This time Timothy actually has some others joining him on this release, from the bandcamp notes:

1) echo – ft Ted Russell on guitar as discovered on the old Starry Eye echoplex (for our collective histories and ancestors)

2) beginning – ft Garrick Veenstra on voice (for Galileo the Cat and all sentient beings)

Head on over to Timothy’s bandcamp page to download the album at your own price. This is Timothy’s first release on his bandcamp so far this year – we’ve also added this one to our Springfield album archive page bringing us to 11 releases we have kept track of this year so far.

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