Demons On Wheels: “Unleashed”


Here’s some more new Springfield music coming at ya, a second time today! This afternoon we are bringing you a massive twenty-track album by Springfield recording project “Demons On Wheels” which is a solo project by Mark Schwartz (End Times Trio, Forest Saints). This is the second release for Demons on Wheels, following a self-titled album that came out last year. You can stream the new album Unleashed on the player below. Also head over to the Demons On Wheels bandcamp to pay to download the album.

Demons On Wheels has no live shows scheduled. We are still working on updating our ultimate list of Springfield albums for 2018! Check out that page right here.

Hospital Job: “Haze Like Me”



Springfield pop punk super-band Hospital Job have not played a show at Black Sheep in a hot minute, but the band has still been very active still cranking out hits. If you can believe it, the band just recently dropped their fourth full length album out now on Rad Girlfriend Records – Haze Like Me. You can stream the full 10-track album on the player below. Pre-order the vinyl release from Rad Girlfriend Records right here. Hopefully Dumb Records will be able to carry copies of this album at some point!

Hospital Job don’t have any shows lined up in Springfield as of right now, we will be sure to let you know as soon as they do though! The band is playing Fest 17 in Florida next month.

Glower: EP



Today we are bringing you a stream of the new seven-track EP from Springfield’s very own Glower – recorded up in Southtown Sound and being released today. You can stream those songs on the player below. Also head over to Glower’s bandcamp page where you can purchase a digital download of the release.

The EP will also be available in CD format at the show at Black Sheep tonight featuring Runaway Brother, Bottom Bracket, Glower, and Sadface Killer.

Timothy Donavan Russell: “Interconnections”


Springfield solo ambient artist Timothy Donavan Russell is at it once again, this time with his seventh release to come out this year. Wow. This time around it’s a mashup album, or “samplecore.” From the description on Timothy’s bandcamp page:

An ultimate samplecore album. Nearly 300 pop/rock samples went into the making of this. None of them were harmed, though some were stretched and/or transposed. Play a game and guess the sources; download the official sample guide; etc.!

[All music originally composed to play in the background at “Interconnectivity”, a group art exhibition that took place in Springfield, Illinois at The Pharmacy Gallery & Art Space on September 8th & 9th, 2017.]

There you have it, you can check out Interconnections in its entirety below. Wow, it’s a whole twenty tracks! Also head over to Timothy’s bandcamp page to download the album for free.

We have our Springfield album archive page set up to list off releases that came out in town this year and also of years past. Enjoy!

Nefarious Cloud: Espada 13


Springfield independent hip hop artist Nefarious Cloud is at it once again with a new album, this one called Espada 13. Check out the artwork above done by Milk Tirehaus of Livin’ Thing. Check out all 13 of those tracks on the player below. Also head over to Nefarious’s Soundcloud page where you can download the entire album for free. Find a music video for one of the hit tracks off of the album – “Arachnid” right here.

Nefarious Cloud does not have any shows currently lined up at Black Sheep. However, you can be on the lookout for some soon. Keep track of all of the Springfield releases that have come out this year on our album archive.


Bottom Bracket: “Dreamland”


Even though the official release is not until tomorrow, Springfield band Bottom Bracket couldn’t hold their horses any longer and decided to let their hot new EP slip onto the internet today in its entirety. You can stream that five track Dreamland EP on the player below. This release was recorded in our brand new recording studio Southtown Sound right next to Black Sheep. Head on over to the Bottom Bracket bandcamp page where you can purchase the digital download or pre-order the cassette of the album.

Bottom Bracket of course will be playing tomorrow at the Black Sheep 12 Year Anniversary Show. It will also be a release show for Stick People with their new CD, Lips.

Vincent Sebastian: “A New Rhode”


The new Springfield music does not stop coming in! Today we have a five-track EP by Vincent Sgro, also going as Vincent Sebastian with some experimental / “chill” electronic music. Vincent was also behind the project “Opposite Good” which had another release come out earlier this year. Stream Vincent Sebastian’s newest release: A New Rhode on the player below. Also head over to Vincent’s bandcamp page where you can download the full release.

No current live shows are lined up for Vincent Sebastian – he is currently attending school over in another Springfield – Springfield, Missouri!