Mario Cannamela: “Drinking Gasoline” (Montagh)



It looks like Springfield acoustic act/guitarist of punk band Soap Scum Mario Cannamela has released a version of a popular Montagh song “Drinking Gasoline” through Springfield label Patch Records. The track is available for free stream and download at bandcamp right here, and you can also stream it at the bottom of this post. Cory V of Patch Records had this to say about the song:

I was like going to not talk about this until I was more ready for it to be done (I’m seriously so far from being done), but Springfield is too talented. Patch is doing a covers compilation of Springfield musicians covering other Springfield musicians. Here is Mario Scum playing a Montagh song. More songs slowly over the next three month? Guess so, because Austin’s cover is so good.

So by the sound of it, Patch Records should be releasing a compilation of Springfield musicians covering other Springfield songs. Cory hinted at another cover coming soon being performed by Austin Connelly of Montagh. More info about the compilation and possibly other songs will be posted soon.

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