Looming to be Featured on “It Came From Plan-It-X” Compilation


Bloomington, Indiana-based record label Plan-It-X Records have announced that they are planning to 20-band compilation release which will feature one song by Springfield’s very own Looming. From Chris Clavin of Plan-It-X Records: 

So, despite slowing down on releasing physical music. Plan-it-x will be releasing one LP comp each year. This comp will be filled to the edges with cool bands (see below) that I really like and hopefully that you have never heard of (and probably a few ‘cool’ bands to help it get out there). 

There is a Kickstarter site set up to fund the compilation LP which you can find right here. The Kickstarter is set up with a $3,999 goal in mind and there are incentives set up such as a free download of the LP for $5 and the physical copy of the LP for $15. Bands confirmed so far include Looming, Ghost Mice, Garrett Walters, Spoonboy, Superfamicom, and more.

Right now the next Springfield show that Looming has lined up is Wednesday, November 5th at Black Sheep along with Dowsing and Our Lady.

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