Best Of Springfield Music 2021 Poll

It’s that special time of year again. Boy it sure snuck up on us. That time when team up with Activator Magazine and we all get together and talk about our favorite local releases that came out this year! Also our favorite songs, shows, and all of that good stuff!

This year we have a total of 110 local releases listed out into three sections: a general category, hip hop releases, and then Mark Schwartz related projects. *That number is subject to change too if we can think of any more, or if anybody gives us any more to add. Usually we keep track of these things along with links to listen on our Springfield Album Archive Page, but we are very behind on that this year. We have to give a special shout-out to Activator for helping compile most of this list!

Our poll is live online RIGHT HERE! It will be open for voting now through 11:59pm on Wednesday, December 15th!

In addition to voting for your favorite releases, we are once again asking for you to list your favorite songs that came out from local artists in 2021, and this time around we brought the “live shows” section back as well! We also added a section for any mentions of other Central Illinois releases outside of Springfield, and also suggestion boxes for Activator and Dumb Records.

The results of this poll will be published in the January 2022 issue of Activator! It might be published online on our site at some point after that. We might be looking for help in doing write-ups for all of the winning entries here in the coming days and weeks.

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