Ty Witty: “Embers”


Today, or late last night, local Springfield solo artist Ty Witty released a new acoustic seven-track album called Embers. As far as we know the release is only available on Apple Music right now, which you can check out right here. The release will possibly be available on other streaming platforms later on.

Ty Witty is featured on the cover of this month’s issue of Activator Magazine, which includes a full interview about the new album and more. There are no live performances lined up that we know of. Ty released another album, For When It Rains last year. We’ve also added this one to our Springfield album archive, bringing us to a total of 502 releases.

Sensai Doog: “Live 4rm The Zoo II”


Today we bring you another local release we are a little late to the game to – this one came out late at the end of last year in December. Thanks to Ken No of Hiphophumpday killing it in the review section of Activator Magazine, we are able to get the latest on local hip hop releases that we may have otherwise missed! This is the latest from local rapper Sensai Doog. Sensai Doog came out with a full length album in December called Live 4rm The Zoo II. You can stream some of that on the Youtube player below. Find the full album streaming on Youtube right here. You can also find it online at CD Baby and Deezer.

Sensai Doog released an album prior to this one called Blood Eagle back in 2018. We are also adding this one to last year for our Springfield album archive page… which brings us to 500 releases total!?!?

Starter Jackets: “Fucked It Up For Everyone”


Whoops, this is one that came out last year that we definitely missed on our site. Better late than never, right? At some point later last year Rad Girlfriend Records (small record label based out of Ohio) released a brand new 7″ featuring four brand new songs from Springfield’s very own Starter Jackets. Rad Girlfriend had also released the bands full length LP, Decisions back in 2018. We do not have any of the new 7″ in stock, but we do have a few copies of Decisions over at Dumb Records. Stream Fucked It Up For Everyone on the player below. You can head over to the Rad Girlfriend Records bandcamp to purchase the download or order the physical 7″ record.

We are also adding this one to our Springfield album archive page for last year, bringing us to 498 local releases catalogued total.

Musical Realists: “Go Bananas”


Today we bring you a brand new album, from just one of Springfield’s number of Father and son duo’s, Musical Realists. Musical Realists is composed of local artist Timothy Donavan Russell and his son Isaac. This time they have released a brand new 14-track album entitled Go Bananas!! You can find that streaming on the player below, or also go head on over to the group’s bandcamp page where you can purchase the download of the album.

You bet this one is being added to our Springfield album archive, bringing us to five releases that we have kept track of this year so far.

SaveYourSelf: “Silent Suicide Chapter 1”


Today we bring you a brand new album from a local hip hop act we were unfamiliar with before now. That is from “SaveYourSelf” who also goes by “C-Klip” who just released his new album, Silent Suicide Chapter 1. The album is streaming on audiomack online right here. We also have it embedded in the player below (hopefully the embedded player works)!

We are adding this one to our Springfield album archive page for 2020, bringing us to our fourth release that we have kept track of so far this year.

Timothy Donavan Russell: “Cosmic Tape”


Keeping things rollin’ with the new local music! Here’s another release that we missed towards the end of last year, at the end of December. This is Timothy Donavan Russell’s “Cosmic Tape.” Just two tracks, each clocking in at a little under a half hour each. Here’s a description from Timothy’s bandcamp page:

Imagine. Analog meets digital in the dark of space. It’s all extremely empty, and the origin of the communication signal is obscured by distance and the constraints of technology. You sense storms the size of planets and tranquil caves off oceans where creatures move slowly relative to the speed of life here on Earth, as if in deep time wells—over millennia per foot—but the cause is rather the rate of the cryotectonics and the relative quiet of the neighborhood. Why bother getting up until there is a reason? We are (part of) our world, and so we move at Earth event speed. This, though, feels alien to us, from elsewhere, elsewhen, and elsehow.

You can check out Cosmic Tape streaming on the player below. Also head over to the Timothy Donavan Russell bandcamp page where you can purchase the download of the release.

We are adding this one to our Springfield album archive page for last year, bringing us to 495 total listings.

Tony Colantino: “Companion” & “The Space Drone”


Somehow we missed these two new releases from local ambient solo artist Tony Colantino that came out at some point last month. Tony put up two five-track releases, one called Companion, and the other called The Space Drone last month on his bandcamp page. You can find those both streaming on separate players embedded below. Head over to Tony’s bandcamp page to purchase the download of either release.

Tony also released his debut full length album, Extradimensional earlier last year. We are now adding all of these on to 2019 on our Springfield album archive page.