Danny J: “Young Dumb Idiot”


Happy snowy Thursday everyone, today we are bringing you yet some more new local music that has recently come out in this year 2020, the year of our future. This time today we bring you a brand new 7-track release (EP?) (album?) from local hip hop artist Danny J called Young Dumb Idiot. You can also find that streaming on the youtube player below. Here is a link to find the release streaming on various different platforms. Danny J is affiliated with the Zippir Collective in town along with artists Kid Ziggy, Papa Luke, and JunioR Pasare, all of which are also featured at different points on the album.

We are also adding this one to our Springfield album archive page, bringing us to three releases so far this year for 2020! It’s gonna be a great year.

DJ Reco: “Dope 2 Mixtape”


Keeping things rolling with all of the new music that has been coming out in this city! Today we bring you one that came out late last year right around Christmastime. That is DJ Reco’s “Dope 2 Mixtape” – a compilation of a whole 19 artists from the area, including a few that have performed before at our space. You can stream this whole entire thing and even download it online right here at “datpiff.com.”

Dope 2 Mixtape is a follow up to the first Dope Mixtape which was released earlier last year and features the old South Town Studio / South Town Sound building on the cover. We are listing this one on for local releases that came out in 2019 on our Springfield album archive page.


Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 12.29.28 PM

Today we are bringing you the first (?) local release of 2020 that we’ve had featured on this site? We know there are a couple of more releases that have already come out from local bands and acts this year, and we have some catching up to do! This one is from a local hip hop act that we have not yet covered on our site, called CHRxS. CHRxS just released a six-track, BLK HRT EP which you can find streaming on the Soundcloud player embedded below.

We don’t know anything about live shows for CHRxS just yet. This is the first one we are adding for 2020 for our Springfield album archive page. Nice.

Papa Luke: “Drinking By Myself”


Local hip hop artist Papa Luke, who is part of the Zippir Collective along with Kid Ziggy, RJC, and others, has recently released his first solo EP. The EP is entitled Drinking By Myself and features seven tracks released late last month. You can check out the first song streaming on the youtube player embedded below. Also check out all of the songs streaming on Youtube right here or on Spotify right here.

Papa Luke performed with Zippir Collective at our most recent hip hop show last month in December, which was also a benefit for Springfield Community Broadcasters. We’ve included this release in our Springfield album archive, bringing us to 61 releases in 2019 and 288 releases we’ve kept track of total.

RJC: “Right Mind”


Today we bring you a local release that is another one that came out late last year in December (maybe even November?)! That comes from hip hop artist RJC, who is part of the Zippr collective along with Kid Ziggy, Papa Luke and more. RJC’s new album is called Right Mind, and you can find it on a good number of streaming platforms all listed out right here. You can also stream one of the tracks, “Feel Nothin'” featuring Kid Ziggy and Kdoe2x on the player below. RJC performed along with Zippr Collective at our most recent hip hop show late last month, which was also a benefit for Springfield Community Broadcasters.

We are listing this one as well for 2019 on our Springfield album archive page.

Vector: “Subfusion”


Is it too late to squeeze in any more local releases for 2019? There are still five days left in this year? Okay. Here is a brand new electronic release coming at you from what appears to be a brand new local project called “Vector.” The group features the duo of Vincent (Sebastian) and Kolton. This is their first five-track release called Subfusion. You can find it streaming below. Also find it on bandcamp where you can download the release at your own price right here. Nothing for live shows for Vector as far as we can tell.

And bad-a-bing, we are adding this one to the Springfield album archive for this year (2019), putting us at 60 releases that we’ve kept track of this year.

Renegade: “Affluential”


Today we are bringing you yet another local hip hop release that recently got dropped. That is from Renegade – a solo project from one half of the “Co-Pilots” hip hop duo that has been active in town for a number of years now. Renegade’s new album is called Affluential (artwork pictured above). We do not have the albums streaming below (it is not on any platform that allows us to embed), however you can find it out there on Apple Music right here, on Spotify right here, and on Tidal right here.

Yes, this one of course is also being included for this year in our Springfield album archive, and also our big end of the year poll, which we might even be launching tomorrow!!