Arlin Peebles: “Someone Else’s Dream”

In case you were not already aware by see in the cover of this month’s Activator Magazine (found all over town) – local singer / songwriter Arlin Peebles has a brand new 5-song EP out. And it’s real nice. Arlin’s newest release is called Someone Else’s Dream and it was recorded down in Carbondale during this pandemic. You can stream some of that on the youtube player embedded below. Also head over to Arlin’s bandcamp page to find more of his music. From Arlin’s blog:

My new EP “Someone Else’s Dream” is entering its final phase and I hope to have it released by the end of the year. It’s been over a year in the making with lots of help from my friend Kevin Ohlau. It was a really fun process to make this record. I recorded the guitar and vocal parts at home and then took my mobile recording rig down to Carbondale to have Kevin fill in the cracks. He added piano, bass, organ, sax, backing vocals, drums and whatever else we could find laying around his studio. It really pays to have your best friend be a talented multi-instrumentalist. We did this all in January and February before the virus hit and I’ve been mixing and mastering at home ever since. There were a couple tracks that weren’t quite finished so I sent the files down to Kevin and he’s recording them as I type.

We are adding this one as the sixth release we have kept track of so far for 2021 on our Springfield album archive page.

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