Springfield Shows

Saturday, February 22nddexterbuzzsmall
Buzz Bomb Brewery

Dexter Anodyne
Jeff Williams
Trell Blazzer
Alyssa Currie

8:00 pm | free | ages 21+
406 E Adams


Friday, April 10th-12th
Sunshine 66 Hotel Music Festival

Old Shoe
Edward David Anderson‘s Black Dirt Revival
Sun Beard
The Station
Sunshine Daydream

5:00 pm | ages 18+ | $?


Saturday, January 25th
Bar None

John Paul Keith (TN)
Stuart Smith

245 S 5th Street
8:00 pm | ages 21+ | $15


We do our best to stay in touch with all of the musical events and going-ons in town.  However, a lot of times there is so much going on that we can not keep up with every event.  Send an email to dumbrecs@gmail.com if you would like to see a music related event listed on our shows page and please include any necessary information on the event and we will do our best to post it.

2 thoughts on “Springfield Shows

  1. I submitted for Heather Green Band to book a show there on July 9th through an indie music site. I am not sure if it went through or if I completed everything correctly. Please advise if there is something else I need to complete.
    They are a country band that plays covers and originals.
    Thank you for your assistance.
    She can be seen at http://www.heathergreenguitarist.com for more information.

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