Springfield Album Archive Page Hits 500 Listings


This counts as exciting news, right? Today we are letting you know that the Springfield album archive page where we have been listing out and linking all Springfield band and artist releases (demos, albums, etc.) has hit a total of 500 listings! Most of these listings include links to where you can go listen to the release. Right now this ranges from Food And Money back in 1980 all the way to Ricki Marvel in 2020. That’s 40 years! We do know that this isn’t nearly anywhere close to cataloguing everything that has ever came out in Springfield, but we are constantly adding to this list. If you have music to be added (especially if you have links to where we can listen, or send us music directly) – feel free to reach out to us at dumbrecs@gmail.com.

It should also be noted that the vast majority of the albums we have listed have all came out within the last few years. The halfway point in all of that is at 2016. Either there’s been more music than ever coming out of Springfield in recent years and it’s easier for bands to record than it was in earlier years, or we have a lot of catching up on past years to do we are not sure… maybe a little bit of both cases.

Oh, we also did a little bit of updating to our grand ol’ history page, which by now takes a good sitting down to fully read.

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