June Bubbles Arcade Contest Results

Now that it’s July, that means it’s not June anymore. And now that it’s not June anymore that means our June Bubbles arcade contest is officially over. Great! Here are our final results:

  1. Chris O – 81,900
  2. Nia T – 71,500
  3. Corbin – 68,020
  4. Levi – 64,300
  5. Lanny D – 55,320
  6. Eddie O – 51,080
  7. Zach H – 47,250
  8. Tyler S – 44,270
  9. Kolton – 44,170
  10. Connor S – 41,100
  11. Shelby W. – 40,760

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this contest! We have prizes for all of the top 11 scorers. Almost all of those prizes are ready (whoops we still have to get our bubble gum and big bubble gift basket together)!!

What will are next contest be? We don’t know. The next contest just might be our big downtown Springfield business pinball tournament later this year! We will see!

One Year Anniversary of Dumb Records Arcade Being Open To The Public + New Game Debut

Good morning and happy 4th of July weekend! We just realized something very special – exactly one year ago on July 2nd, 2020, we opened up our Dumb Records arcade to the world. We haven’t had it open for a full year exactly – since we did have it shut down again for all of December and January this past winter, but this is still one year from when we opened it.

Almost completely coincidentally we are debuting a brand new game today! That game is an original Stern 1982 pinball called “ORBITOR 1.” It is really wacky. Check out a video below. This is one that you are really going to have to just come play in person.

Our arcade is still open along with regular store hours (every day 11:00 am – 6:30 pm). Entry is $5 or free with store purchase of $10 or more. – One more side note: we will be closed this upcoming Sunday for 4th of July!

June Dumb Records Arcade Contest: Bubbles

Are you ready for our next arcade contest?? Here it is… for the month of JUNE we are holding an arcade contest for the game BUBBLES. What is BUBBLES? From the Bubbles wikipedia page:

Bubbles is an action game where the player controls a soap bubble from a top-down perspective. The object is to clean a kitchen sink by maneuvering over ants, crumbs, and grease spots to absorb them before they slide into the drain. As the bubble absorbs more objects, it grows in size, eventually acquiring first eyes and then a smiling mouth. At the same time, sponges and scrub brushes slowly move around the sink, cleaning it on their own in competition with the player. Touching either of these enemies costs a player one life unless the bubble is large enough to have a complete face. In this case, the enemy will be knocked away and the bubble will shrink. Sponges and brushes can be knocked into the drain for bonus points, eliminating them from play. Two other enemies in the sink are stationary razor blades and roaches that crawl out of the drain. Contact with a blade is always fatal, while the bubble can safely touch the roach only while carrying a broom, which will kill the roach with one hit. The broom can be acquired by running over a cleaning lady who appears in the sink from time to time.[1][2]

In our arcade, BUBBLES is the third game on the Joust arcade cabinet. If you are looking to dive further into some BUBBLES tips and tricks before you venture out to our arcade, then check out the BUBBLES thread on our underground pinball forum. How fun!

This contest goes from June 1st through the 30th! Everyone is welcome to play, as long as you pay the $5 entry to the Dumb Arcade (or get entry by spending $10 or more in the store). You can play as many times as you like, just let us know what your high score! For this contest we actually have ELEVEN different prizes for all of the top scorers and this time we are going BIG:

  • 1st place prize: $100 in cash + free entry to our arcade for a month
  • 2nd place prize: your own private party!! *2 hours afterhours on any date
  • 3rd place prize: a bubbles gift basket! + $25 dumb records gift card
  • 4th place prize: a limited edition Bubbles Arcade t-shirt
  • 5th place prize: a lava lamp
  • 6th place prize: a bubbles lawn mower
  • 7th place prize: the tiny Tetris arcade game that we have
  • 8th place prize: bubble gum
  • 9th place prize: hangout with the band Bottom Bracket for 1 day
  • 10th place prize: GROOVE GOO
  • 11th place prize: a Donna Summer poster

That’s it we think! Good luck out there, nerds!

April Fish Tales Pinball Contest Results!

This is just a post to let you know that our Fish Tales Pinball contest has happened, and it’s over, and we have winners! Congrats to Chris O, with the number one high score of 100,664,040. Cole J came in a close second with 100,337,690, and Greg from USPS was also close behind with 97,456,220. Brian G blew all of those scores out of the water in the “staff” section though with a score of 154,168,600 (good thing staff is not in the running for the real contest).

When will we do another arcade contest? Maybe next month in June. For this month, enjoy our brand new game – CROSSBOW (1983).

Now At The Dumb Arcade: CROSSBOW (Exidy, 1983)

Look at that, we can make pictures circles now. In case you haven’t heard, our Dumb Records arcade now has a new game. That game is CROSSBOW – manufactured by a company called Exidy and released in 1983. As you can see, this game has a built in crossbow. Here’s a description of what goes on from Wikepedia:

The player protects a band of adventurers from afar by shooting objects that threaten them. The adventurers enter from the left-hand side of the screen and attempt to cross the screen unharmed. If the player helps them reach the opposite side of the screen safely, the adventurers survive to the next scenario, and new adventurers are occasionally granted between scenarios.

In addition to the obstacles, the adventurers are vulnerable to the player’s shots. The first time the player shoots an adventurer, an on-screen message is shown: “DON’T SHOOT YOUR FRIENDS!” Thereafter, shooting an adventurer will cause him/her to emit a cry of pain, and to walk at a slower pace the rest of the way. A second shot will kill the adventurer.

Scenarios are chosen by shooting a destination on a map screen, which include: town, desert, volcano, cave, bridge, jungle, and castle. The goal is to reach the final scenario, past the castle, in which the player confronts the Master of Darkness, who presumably created the dangers in the game. Defeating the Master of Darkness requires shooting him in the eyes when they turn red (and deadly). The player is treated to a brief congratulation and a challenge to defeat the Master of Darkness again, “IF YOU DARE”. Following this screen the player starts over with however many adventurers survived the confrontation.

We are now up to 13 games in the arcade including six pinball machines, 1 racing game, now 2 shooting games, and 4 other standing arcade machines. Our arcade is open during store hours right now from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. Don’t forget we are still doing a limited offer of renting out the space for private parties during after hours.

Now Booking Private Parties At The Dumb Arcade

Today we are announcing us doing something a little new that might kiiiinda be the next step for us as we ease back in to some type of normalcy and are eventually able to host shows again. Starting NOW we are open to booking private parties at the Dumb Records arcade after or before our regular store hours. (Our store is now open every day from 11:30 am to 6:00 pm at 418 E Monroe Street downtown).

We are now doing a limited offer of $50 an hour to rent out our venue and arcade spaces for private parties up up to 12 persons. You can come in the store to talk to us about reserving calendar space, or email us at dumbrecs@gmail.com or give us a call at 217-691-8991. This is a limited offer and we are trying things out, so we could change our policies on private parties in the future!

Dumb Records April Pinball Contest!

We finally feel that it is time… to announce… our next contest to happen at the arcade!! It’s been a while since we have done anything like this due to us being cautious in re-opening things fully. We feel that for the month of April it’s time to hold another contest to see who can get the highest score on a certain game, and for this month it is going to be: FISH TALES PINBALL.

This contest is open to everyone, and you can try as many times as you would like to get a Fish Tales high score. Normal arcade entry rules apply: entry is $5 or free with purchase of $10 or more in our store. We are limiting arcade occupancy to 6 persons right now.

Throughout the month, the first place highest score will receive: $100 in downtown gift certificates to locations including Good Heart Tattoo, The Elf Shelf, and La Piazza. Second place prize will receive a lava lamp. Third place price will receive a free Dumb Records t-shirt.

You better get practicing! The contest will be throughout the month of April, ending at the end of the 30th, but we will accept score entries starting today. If you are looking for some Fish Tale tricks and trips, you better check out our underground pinball discussion forum! Good luck!

Ghost N’ Goblins November Arcade Contest RECAP

November is over. We extended November through the end of February for our Ghost N’ Goblins Arcade Contest, so now it’s really over. Now that it’s over over, that’s a wrap on our first ever arcade contest (finally)! Here are the high scorers (official):

KOLTON – 164,300
LUIS P – 160,900
ZAXXON – 61,500
JIM W – 52,000
CONNOR S – 24,700
TYLER S – 18,300
TOM R – 16,700
LANNY D – 12,300
GREG – 7,700
SAM R – 4,500

Wow! Congrats to all of these winners out there. Kolton and Luis P come on down to our office to claim your prizes! Kolton gets $100 in downtown gift certificates for places including Prairie Archives, Jerk Shop Go, Whimsey Tea Company, and Custom Cup.

We will be launching a new contest here very soon!! Keep your ears peeled. In the meantime, join our underground Springfield pinball discussion forum!

Ghosts N’ Goblins November Arcade Contest

Many of you out there wanted us to put on a pinball tournament for all of the millions of non-business owner people out there in the world. Well, we can’t do that (especially during a pandemic), but maybe this is the next best thing.

Throughout the month of November we are holding a contest in our game, specifically for the game Ghosts N’ Goblins (which is a game on the Joust arcade machine). How fun! The highest scorers on this game throughout the month of November will get bragging rights and some prizes:

This contest is open to everyone, however normal arcade rules still apply. We are going back to limiting occupancy to 4 this month, masks required. To enter our arcade it is $5 entry, or free with a purchase of $10 or more in our store.

For some helpful tips and tricks on this game or some discussion, you might want to check our underground pinball forum. We will announce the winners at the end of the month and keep track of the high scorers on a board somewhere inside our store. Good luck!

Downtown Pinball Tournament Round One Final Scores, Round Two Begins Today

Okay NOW that we’ve gotten the mayor’s emergency order extending round one of our pinball tournament out of the way, we can finally post the results of round one and move on to round two. Round one was a lot of fun, it was great getting over 30 local businesses on board participating, there were a few twists and turns, and a lot of fun was had. Here are the final scores for round one, the names in bold are moving on to the next round. We took the three highest scoring losers to move on to the next round as well to compete in a bracket of their own.

Also pictured above you can see what we have mapped out for round two, which features the game No Good Gofers and runs from today, September 10th through September 19th.

WILLOW & BIRCH = 5,940,070

GALLINA’S PIZZA = 4,558,300

RESOURCE ONE = 28,523,470

LA PIAZZA = 8,621,670

REVERIE APPAREL = 24,216,290


DAISY JANE’S = 5,495,790

MURPHY’S LOFT = 3,257,070
CUSTOM CUP = 31,538,560


WILD ROSE = 9,277,470
PUBLIC MARKET = 19,125,210

BUZZ BOMB = 16,348,680

ARLINGTON’S = 25,063,020

HEAD WEST = 28,841,160

CRAFT BEER BAR = 55,215,180

ANVIL & FORGE = 34,306,260


UPTOWN LOOKS = 4,454,210

OLD STATE CAPITOL = 23,100,370