June Dumb Records Arcade Contest: Bubbles

Are you ready for our next arcade contest?? Here it is… for the month of JUNE we are holding an arcade contest for the game BUBBLES. What is BUBBLES? From the Bubbles wikipedia page:

Bubbles is an action game where the player controls a soap bubble from a top-down perspective. The object is to clean a kitchen sink by maneuvering over ants, crumbs, and grease spots to absorb them before they slide into the drain. As the bubble absorbs more objects, it grows in size, eventually acquiring first eyes and then a smiling mouth. At the same time, sponges and scrub brushes slowly move around the sink, cleaning it on their own in competition with the player. Touching either of these enemies costs a player one life unless the bubble is large enough to have a complete face. In this case, the enemy will be knocked away and the bubble will shrink. Sponges and brushes can be knocked into the drain for bonus points, eliminating them from play. Two other enemies in the sink are stationary razor blades and roaches that crawl out of the drain. Contact with a blade is always fatal, while the bubble can safely touch the roach only while carrying a broom, which will kill the roach with one hit. The broom can be acquired by running over a cleaning lady who appears in the sink from time to time.[1][2]

In our arcade, BUBBLES is the third game on the Joust arcade cabinet. If you are looking to dive further into some BUBBLES tips and tricks before you venture out to our arcade, then check out the BUBBLES thread on our underground pinball forum. How fun!

This contest goes from June 1st through the 30th! Everyone is welcome to play, as long as you pay the $5 entry to the Dumb Arcade (or get entry by spending $10 or more in the store). You can play as many times as you like, just let us know what your high score! For this contest we actually have ELEVEN different prizes for all of the top scorers and this time we are going BIG:

  • 1st place prize: $100 in cash + free entry to our arcade for a month
  • 2nd place prize: your own private party!! *2 hours afterhours on any date
  • 3rd place prize: a bubbles gift basket! + $25 dumb records gift card
  • 4th place prize: a limited edition Bubbles Arcade t-shirt
  • 5th place prize: a lava lamp
  • 6th place prize: a bubbles lawn mower
  • 7th place prize: the tiny Tetris arcade game that we have
  • 8th place prize: bubble gum
  • 9th place prize: hangout with the band Bottom Bracket for 1 day
  • 10th place prize: GROOVE GOO
  • 11th place prize: a Donna Summer poster

That’s it we think! Good luck out there, nerds!

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