Ghost N’ Goblins November Arcade Contest RECAP

November is over. We extended November through the end of February for our Ghost N’ Goblins Arcade Contest, so now it’s really over. Now that it’s over over, that’s a wrap on our first ever arcade contest (finally)! Here are the high scorers (official):

KOLTON – 164,300
LUIS P – 160,900
ZAXXON – 61,500
JIM W – 52,000
CONNOR S – 24,700
TYLER S – 18,300
TOM R – 16,700
LANNY D – 12,300
GREG – 7,700
SAM R – 4,500

Wow! Congrats to all of these winners out there. Kolton and Luis P come on down to our office to claim your prizes! Kolton gets $100 in downtown gift certificates for places including Prairie Archives, Jerk Shop Go, Whimsey Tea Company, and Custom Cup.

We will be launching a new contest here very soon!! Keep your ears peeled. In the meantime, join our underground Springfield pinball discussion forum!

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