Dumb Records April Pinball Contest!

We finally feel that it is time… to announce… our next contest to happen at the arcade!! It’s been a while since we have done anything like this due to us being cautious in re-opening things fully. We feel that for the month of April it’s time to hold another contest to see who can get the highest score on a certain game, and for this month it is going to be: FISH TALES PINBALL.

This contest is open to everyone, and you can try as many times as you would like to get a Fish Tales high score. Normal arcade entry rules apply: entry is $5 or free with purchase of $10 or more in our store. We are limiting arcade occupancy to 6 persons right now.

Throughout the month, the first place highest score will receive: $100 in downtown gift certificates to locations including Good Heart Tattoo, The Elf Shelf, and La Piazza. Second place prize will receive a lava lamp. Third place price will receive a free Dumb Records t-shirt.

You better get practicing! The contest will be throughout the month of April, ending at the end of the 30th, but we will accept score entries starting today. If you are looking for some Fish Tale tricks and trips, you better check out our underground pinball discussion forum! Good luck!

Ghosts N’ Goblins November Arcade Contest

Many of you out there wanted us to put on a pinball tournament for all of the millions of non-business owner people out there in the world. Well, we can’t do that (especially during a pandemic), but maybe this is the next best thing.

Throughout the month of November we are holding a contest in our game, specifically for the game Ghosts N’ Goblins (which is a game on the Joust arcade machine). How fun! The highest scorers on this game throughout the month of November will get bragging rights and some prizes:

This contest is open to everyone, however normal arcade rules still apply. We are going back to limiting occupancy to 4 this month, masks required. To enter our arcade it is $5 entry, or free with a purchase of $10 or more in our store.

For some helpful tips and tricks on this game or some discussion, you might want to check our underground pinball forum. We will announce the winners at the end of the month and keep track of the high scorers on a board somewhere inside our store. Good luck!

Black Sheep Fest 2016 T-Shirt Voting!

The time is finally here to vote for your favorite Black Sheep Fest 2016 t-shirt design! This year we only had six submissions (maybe the least we’ve ever got…) but that should make choosing for your favorite extra easy! Go ahead and check out what has been submitted below (we’ll keep the artists anonymous for now). Then when you are ready, click this link to vote and tell us which design number you would like to see as the next Black Sheep Fest t-shirt. We’ll keep the polls open for exactly 48 hours, and close them at 9:00 pm on Thursday night. Here are those submissions:

FEST_design1 copy.jpg

FEST_design2 copy.jpg

FEST_design3 copy.jpg

FEST_design4 copy.jpg

Blacksheep park mock copy.jpg


Very cool! Again, go here to vote! And also don’t forget that Black Sheep Fest is happening in about ten days on Saturday, August 6th. There are 15 local bands playing starting at 2:00 pm – we’ll be posting the schedule for the fest very soon!

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One More Week to Submit Black Sheep Fest Shirt Designs


Would you look at that! That up there is the only T-shirt design submission we have had so far for Black Sheep Fest 2016! We announced our T-shirt designing contest for the fest a few weeks ago and haven’t had a whole lot of responses since then. Yes, everyone is welcome to participate! This is just a reminder that we will be collecting submissions by midnight on next Tuesday, July 19th. You can submit your designs to us through email at blacksheepspringfield@gmail.com. From there we will have a poll going on our site so you can vote for your favorite designs, and one will be chose to be printed as the official Black Sheep Fest 2016 t-shirt!

Again, Black Sheep Fest 2016 is happening this year on Saturday, August 6th. It is our ninth Black Sheep Fest since we started having them in 2008. You can find a facebook event for the fest right here, and a Black Sheep Fest 2016 page on our site.

Black Sheep Fest 2016 T-Shirt Design Contest


As many of you know, Black Sheep Fest 2016 is coming up later this summer on August 6th. If you haven’t already you better be hitting the “yes I am going to this” button on the facebook event. The past three years of Black Sheep Fest we’ve done t-shirt designing contests and they’ve always been a hit. This year we are doing it again, and everyone is welcome to participate!

This year we are giving everyone more time than usual to work on designs- you have a whole month!! Designs will be due to our email blacksheepspringfield@gmail.com by midnight on July 19th. No more than one design per person can be submitted. After designs are submitted we will have a poll going on our site for the winner and the top voted shirt will be printed to have at the fest. The winner of the contest also gets a free t-shirt of course.

Get designing those shirts!!!

September 25th at Black Sheep: HISO Music Presents “Crowd’s Choice”


This fall there are a lot of big shows coming up, and that includes a few hip hop and R&B shows too. We have an event being put on by HISO Music Entertainment on Friday, September 25th. This one is being called “Crowd’s Choice” and it is a contest involving crowd voting. For this HISO is welcoming all kinds of performers and artists, including full bands. They have 12 slots available for acts to claim with a $50 entry. The winner, as voted on by the crowd, will receive a cash prize of $500.

Any band or performer that would like to join the contest can email hisomusicentertainment@gmail.com. We will be following up with a lineup for the “Crowd’s Choice” show once that is set. The door price for this show will be $6, and tickets will be available through HISO for $5 in advance. The show’s start time will likely be 7:00. Check out our shows page for a list of all of the other shows and events coming up at Black Sheep this fall.

Black Sheep Fest 2015 T-Shirt Design Contest

blacksheep2015shirtcontestBlack Sheep Fest 2015 is coming up fast! It’s less than one month away now, happening on Saturday July 25th! This year we want YOU to help us out designing the next Black Sheep Fest shirt. That’s right, we are having another contest to determine the next Black Sheep Fest t-shirt, and anyone is welcome to submit anything. Here are the rules (kinda):

– Shirts should maybe say something like Black Sheep Fest 2015 on them? If you want?
– No more than two submissions per person? Is that a good idea?
– No rules on shirt color, or print colors.
– Submit your designs to blacksheepspringfield@gmail.com
– Designs are due by Monday, July 6th at 8:00 pm.

After the deadline for the t-shirt submissions, we will start a poll on our site and have everyone vote for whichever design should be printed for Black Sheep Fest 2015! We will have a run of 50 shirts printed for the fest. Have fun!

Brandon Carnes And Brian Galecki Plan Foosball Match To Determine Next Black Sheep Owner


With Kevin Bradford’s recent announcement that he will be leaving Black Sheep later this spring to pursue a career in professional basketball, a lot of questions have been raised about our venue’s future. Many of you are wondering who will be stepping up as the new owner of Black Sheep- and it is looking like either Brandon Carnes or Brian Galecki are likely candidates. The two have decided to take things to the foosball court to decide who the real owner of The Black Sheep Cafe will be after Kevin steps down- and there can only be one. Brian and Brandon are currently both undefeated on the foosball table which usually sits inside Dumb Records. The two have decided to hold the ultimate match tonight on the stage of Black Sheep. They are also welcoming any other challengers to compete for the Black Sheep throne.

The big match to determine the next owner of Black Sheep will be tonight on the stage at 8:00 pm. Admission is free to the public.

Black Sheep Fest T-Shirt Contest Voting

The time has finally come to take a loot at all of the submissions that we pulled in this year for our Black Sheep Fest T-shirt designing contest and vote on those submissions. As you can see below, we received a larger number of submissions than last year and a lot of them are… very interesting. We want to thank all of you that contributed to our contest this year.

Now it’s time for us to vote! You get to chose which of these designs gets printed on to shirts in time for Black Sheep Fest on Saturday, July 26th. As you can see, designs are numbered one through ten. If you head over to our poll, you will get the chance to vote for any number of designs one through ten. You can find the link to go vote right here. Voting will continue from now until 11:00 pm Sunday night.











design10GO VOTE


Black Sheep Fest Shirt Contest Deadline 3 Days Away


See that up there? Those are the only two submissions we have received so far for the Black Sheep Fest t-shirt designing competition. Our deadline was July 16th for the competition but today we are letting you know that we are extending it one more day to Thursday, July 17th at 11:00 pm. If you want to see a t-shirt at Black Sheep Fest this year that is better than the two pictured above, then get something together and submit it to us before that date!

Designs can be submitted to blacksheepspringfield@gmail.com. Once designs are submitted we will have everyone vote for a winning design. The winning design will be printed in time for Black Sheep Fest 2014 happening on Saturday, July 26th. For more info on Black Sheep Fest, go to our page right here.