Brandon Carnes And Brian Galecki Plan Foosball Match To Determine Next Black Sheep Owner


With Kevin Bradford’s recent announcement that he will be leaving Black Sheep later this spring to pursue a career in professional basketball, a lot of questions have been raised about our venue’s future. Many of you are wondering who will be stepping up as the new owner of Black Sheep- and it is looking like either Brandon Carnes or Brian Galecki are likely candidates. The two have decided to take things to the foosball court to decide who the real owner of The Black Sheep Cafe will be after Kevin steps down- and there can only be one. Brian and Brandon are currently both undefeated on the foosball table which usually sits inside Dumb Records. The two have decided to hold the ultimate match tonight on the stage of Black Sheep. They are also welcoming any other challengers to compete for the Black Sheep throne.

The big match to determine the next owner of Black Sheep will be tonight on the stage at 8:00 pm. Admission is free to the public.

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