Kevin Bradford Announces Plans To Pursue Career In Professional Basketball After Stepping Down From Black Sheep


Many of you have been wondering what will come next for Black Sheep owner Kevin Bradford, who announced last month that he will be stepping down from Black Sheep later this spring. Kevin has been saying that there are big things that lie ahead for him, and it has finally been revealed that Kevin plans to pursue a career in professional basketball, something he has always dreamed of doing. From a recent interview with NPR:

Sports has always been a true passion of mine. My love for sports has always been at the core of Black Sheep from the very start. Now I plan on taking my love for sports one step further- I will be leaving Black Sheep to join the NBA and pursue a career in professional basketball. I will continue to try and show my support for Southtown and Black Sheep while out on the court.

This might come as a pretty big twist to a lot of you- but Kevin will not be going far! Kevin will be back to visit during the off-season, something which he has promised will be easy to do with his new 14-passenger plane. Kevin would also like to thank his new sponsors- Dumb Records and Diet Coke™.

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