Black Sheep Fest 2016 T-Shirt Voting!

The time is finally here to vote for your favorite Black Sheep Fest 2016 t-shirt design! This year we only had six submissions (maybe the least we’ve ever got…) but that should make choosing for your favorite extra easy! Go ahead and check out what has been submitted below (we’ll keep the artists anonymous for now). Then when you are ready, click this link to vote and tell us which design number you would like to see as the next Black Sheep Fest t-shirt. We’ll keep the polls open for exactly 48 hours, and close them at 9:00 pm on Thursday night. Here are those submissions:

FEST_design1 copy.jpg

FEST_design2 copy.jpg

FEST_design3 copy.jpg

FEST_design4 copy.jpg

Blacksheep park mock copy.jpg


Very cool! Again, go here to vote! And also don’t forget that Black Sheep Fest is happening in about ten days on Saturday, August 6th. There are 15 local bands playing starting at 2:00 pm – we’ll be posting the schedule for the fest very soon!

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