Okay, we’ll admit it we’ve had some pretty crazy ideas at Black Sheep and Dumb headquarters. We’ve had some pretty dumb ideas before too, but that’s okay. This one might be pretty crazy and also dumb, but we are moving forward with it! We are calling this one “Operation: Dumb Elephant.” That photo right up there ^^ isn’t 100% real just quite yet but it is the end goal of this operation. We are trying to work towards buying a giant fiberglass elephant to give a new home right next to Dumb Records on South Grand Avenue. We need your help though. It is looking like the elephant and trailer with the state it is currently in will cost us anywhere from $1,000 to $1,800 to purchase, repair, and paint.

From now until Saturday we will be collecting donations for this operation. You can drop those off inside Dumb Records (we will have a jar). We aren’t doing an online kickstarter or anything like that this time around. You can donate inside Dumb Records, or paypal us to our account at dumbrecs@gmail.com. If you are looking for a little gift in exchange for a donation, we will be printing *exclusive* elephant tees, and taking pre-orders for those over the next six days in exchange for donations of $15. We can also ship the tees for those of you outside of Springfield. Find the link to those RIGHT HERE. Check out a pic of those below!


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