Somethings Can’t Be Ignored: Resident Genius / Howard Zinn Split


Springfield historic punk/music blog Some Things Can’t Be Ignored are at it again with their monthly post and featured Springfield release of the past. This time it’s a split album with Springfield punk band Resident Genius and a split they released with some of the works of American social activist Howard Zinn in 2005. Resident Genius features Jason Perry on guitar and vocals, who currently plays in groups The Seething Coast and Heptanes. Head on over to the Some Things Can’t Be Ignored blog to stream and download the release, which was originally on CD. From the blog:

A lot of time and effort was put into this release and I’d say that the end product is something that everyone involved can truly be proud of.  The statements made by both the band and Mr. Zinn on this split EP are short, yet powerful, and touch on issues that are just as important and relevant today as they were over a decade ago when this CD was originally released.  It’s like the old saying goes, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”  I hope that at some point in my lifetime I can throw on a record like this and the lyrical content be completely irrelevant to what’s currently going on in America.

You can find more out about the release from Jason on the actual post- including a breakdown of each song and lyrical content.

Some Things Can’t Be Ignored: Love Hogs


The music blog focusing on Springfield music that came out of the 1990’s and earlier – “Some Things Can’t Be Ignored” have a new post on on their site for an older Springfield band called Love Hogs. Love Hogs were active in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, and recently got together to perform at Downhome Music Festival downtown this summer. Some Things Can’t Be Ignored has put their recordings up for download, which include two full length CDs. From the blog:

Love Hogs were originally a 4-piece band consisting of Keith Voegele (who you may know better from the Bottle Rockets) on bass and vocals, Ted Brannon on guitar, Rodney Patterson on guitar and vocals, and Greg “Lucky” Patterson on drums.  The band formed from the ashes of two other Springfield bands — the Ingrates & They Came In Droves.  Brothers, Lucky and Rodney, played together in the Ingrates.  Keith and Ted played together in They Came In Droves.  Both bands were breaking up around the same time (around 1995-ish?) and all four decided, “Eh…what the hell…let’s get together, jam, and see what happens.”

Check out the full post right here where you can also find the link to download Love Hogs’s music. You can also stream their self-titled album on the player below.

Some Things Can’t Be Ignored: NIL8 “Sheep” Acoustic Live


In honor of NIL8 recently doing a full acoustic set at Donnie’s Homespun earlier this spring, Springfield music blog Some Things Can’t Be Ignored has featured an older recording of NIL8 performing their song “Sheep.” The recording is from an unknown date at some point live on Springfield radio station 92.7 WQLZ. You can check out that song streaming below, or head over to the Some Things Can’t Be Ignored bandcamp page to download the song for free. From The Some Things Can’t Be Ignored blog:

I decided to dig up this old gem I’ve had for a while to share with you all just to give you a little taste of what Thursday night might sound like.  This is Jeff & Gary Brammer (Piss Pot Pete) performing “Sheep” live with just an acoustic guitar on WQLZ’s Bandemonium show.  I’m not sure when this was done, but certainly a rare performance!!

Some Things Can’t Be Ignored: “Project Southtown”


Springfield music blog Some Things Can’t Be Ignored has put up a very nice write-up along with plenty of kind words on “Project Southtown” and our latest kickstarter campaign. Check out that post right here. From the write-up:

Black Sheep has hosted more shows than I can even count.   Everything from local and regional bands, to national and international touring acts.  I think it’s safe to say that Black Sheep is primarily responsible for Springfield’s ever growing and flourishing music scene.  The local music scene here had become pretty stagnant before Black Sheep opened their doors.  Once that happened, a flood of new bands started to move through the venue consistently, which inspired dozens of young, creative people to start their own bands right here in town.

The Project Southtown Kickstarter campaign will continue for another 51 days until it ends on June 25th. Find the link to donate to that right here. Currently the campaign is nine days in and we have already raised $3,700 (about 3/4ths of our goal)! You can expect some updates on Project Southtown to come very soon. In addition to the Project Southtown write-up, Some Things Can’t Be Ignored has also featured an old demo from Back Of Dave, a band that frequently played Springfield in the 1990s. Check out that post right here.

Some Things Can’t Be Ignored: The Treez “Tag! You’re It!”


Springfield music blog Some Things Can’t Be Ignored are at it again!!! This time they dig deep into the early 90s archives (1993 or 1994) to bring us “Tag! You’re It!” by Springfield power trio The Treez. From Some Things Can’t Be Ignored:

The Treez were a three piece band featuring Phil Seabrook on Bass and Vocals, Howard Freitag on Guitar, and Johnny Blazis (RIP) on Drums.  These fellas played ALL OVER Springfield and surrounding areas during the early 1990’s and had a sound that (in my opinion) perfectly envelops Springfield rock during this time.

You can head over to Some Things Can’t Be Ignored to read the full article and stream or download the full demo. Also stream the demo from The Treez below.

Some Things Can’t Be Ignored: Ingot Unreleased 1994 Demo


Looks like Springfield music blog Some Things Can’t Be Ignored are at it again in 2015, this time bringing us an unreleased demo from 1994. The demo is from the old Springfield band Ingot (pictured above playing at Skank Skates in the early 1990’s. From the blog:

When I met up with Ben Jacob a couple of years back to discuss music and borrow some of his recordings from what can only be described as an unbelievable and immaculate collection of 1990’s Springfield and regional music, he provided me with something that simply blew my mind — an ingot demo from 1994 containing 4 unreleased songs!!!  I had heard some folks speak of the song, “Dad, The Evil Clown” in recent years, but I never recalled ever hearing it played live and it certainly wasn’t on either of the two cassettes the band released in 1994 and 1995.  When Ben pulled out this cassette and I saw “Dad, The Evil Clown” scribbled on the j-card along with 3 other songs that I didn’t recognize, I nearly jumped out of my skin with excitement!  IT STILL EXISTS!!  …and Ben still has his master copy!!  Needless to say, I took great care with this one to be certain to preserve the recording exactly as it was captured over 20 years ago!!  The version you have here has been “touched up” a little bit to improve the overall sound and “beef things up”, but in no way takes away from the original recording.

You can head over to and stream or download the full 1994 demo.

Some Things Can’t Be Ignored: N.I.L.8- “Southcentral Illinois Halloween Hogwash Live! Live! Live!”


Local music history blog Some Things Can’t Be Ignored is back from the vaults to bring us a new treasure of Springfield history! Here we have an album from local legends N.I.L.8 to bring us all the way back to 2000. This album was released by the band itself under their self made label NO Record Co. It features live songs from their Hobgoblinspookadelic fest at Viele’s Planet in Springfield, 1999.

In the music player below, you’ll be able to give this album a listen to your heart’s content! Take a look at the original article on this blog to get the full scoop on this album and it’s origin. Also, if you check out the blog’s home page you’ll be able to find multiple other N.I.L.8 articles to fill your eyes and ears with. That’s the latest update from them, stay tuned for their next addition to Springfield’s musical history archives!

Some Things Can’t Be Ignored: “The Timmys” (1999)


Springfield historic music blog Some Things Can’t Be Ignored have made a new update featuring a very rare and classic Springfield punk release- The Timmys‘ 1999 self-titled CD. This would have been released when The Timmys were only a couple of years old as a band. From Some Things Can’t Be Ignored:

Alright, folks…what we’ve got here is the FIRST full-length record ever released by Springfield’s second longest running punk band, the Timmys!!  This was recorded over quite a few months at Studio Media in Evanston, IL in 1999 and self-released by the fellas shortly thereafter.  Not many of these CDs were made as far as I can remember.  As soon as I managed to get to the next Timmys show after this came out, there weren’t any to be had.  A short run of home-burned copies were made, sold at shows and given out to friends and family, and that was about it, I think.  So…it’s pretty obvious that I’m SUPER excited about letting this local gem see the light of day again!!

Check out the full post right here, where you can download the album right here. The Timmys of course are still an active band, and they will be playing this year’s Hobgoblinspookadelic at Donnie’s Homespun.

Some Things Can’t Be Ignored: Kick To Tha Head


It looks like Springfield historical music blog Some Things Can’t Be Ignored is dipping into Springfield music from the Black Sheep Era (beginning 2005-2006). The blog recently featured a 2006 demo from Springfield hardcore band Kick To Tha Head, which featured Black Sheep owner Kevin Bradford on vocals. From Some Things Can’t Be Ignored:

Yes, another short lived Springfield band, but Kick To Tha Head didn’t leave without leaving their footprint on our local scene and inspiring many others to get busy assembling their own bands and getting their messages across through music.  That momentum has continued to flourish in our scene here in Springfield, and without folks like Kevin, Roger and many others, we wouldn’t have the thriving scene that we have today.

You can check out the full post right here, where you can also download the full 2006 demo.

Some Things Can’t Be Ignored: Los Injectors Live 2001


Looks like Springfield music and punk rock history blog Some Things Can’t Be Ignored is at it again, this time with some live recordings of the NIL8-related project Los Injectors in 2001 performing at old Springfield venue On Broadway. From the post:

What we have here is a LIVE CD released by Springfield’s ONLY real-deal Rockabilly band, Los Injectors!!  This band formed back in 1998 with Matt Vanselow on vocals, Damon Soper on guitar, Jeff Cunningham on upright bass, and Chris Warren on drums.  I think I only saw these dudes perform once during their short lifespan.  They disbanded in 2001, so this recording captures one of the last shows the fellas ever performed.  This was recorded at On Broadway here in Springfield back on September 15, 2001.  MAG also performed that night, so Damon was pulling double-duty that evening as he played bass in MAG, as well.  Although Los Injectors was initially conceived as a Rockabilly band, their sound gradually grew more aggressive and heavier as they continued on, resulting in a unique sound and style all their own.

Check out the full post on Los Injectors at the Some Things Can’t Be Ignored site right here. You can check out that live set streaming on the player below. You might also remember a while back we posted about Los Injectors announcing some sort of reunion. Well guess what? Did you know that the band will be performing this Saturday night at Donnie’s Homespun? They will also be playing at this year’s Downhome Music Festival on August 2nd!