Some Things Can’t Be Ignored: Love Hogs


The music blog focusing on Springfield music that came out of the 1990’s and earlier – “Some Things Can’t Be Ignored” have a new post on on their site for an older Springfield band called Love Hogs. Love Hogs were active in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, and recently got together to perform at Downhome Music Festival downtown this summer. Some Things Can’t Be Ignored has put their recordings up for download, which include two full length CDs. From the blog:

Love Hogs were originally a 4-piece band consisting of Keith Voegele (who you may know better from the Bottle Rockets) on bass and vocals, Ted Brannon on guitar, Rodney Patterson on guitar and vocals, and Greg “Lucky” Patterson on drums.  The band formed from the ashes of two other Springfield bands — the Ingrates & They Came In Droves.  Brothers, Lucky and Rodney, played together in the Ingrates.  Keith and Ted played together in They Came In Droves.  Both bands were breaking up around the same time (around 1995-ish?) and all four decided, “Eh…what the hell…let’s get together, jam, and see what happens.”

Check out the full post right here where you can also find the link to download Love Hogs’s music. You can also stream their self-titled album on the player below.

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