New Pages: Springfield Album Archive


At the beginning of the year we announced that a new project for us on this site would be to try and build a more accessible archive of Springfield albums, demos, and releases from years past. The project began on a forum we had created when we launched this site close to five years ago and has been growing off and on over the past four years or so. More current years have been easy to document thanks to our year-end polls on this site, earlier years have been coming together thanks to the Some Things Can’t Be Ignored music blog and a few other friends.

Today we are bringing you a brand new page to this site to house the Springfield Album Archive. You can check out that new page right here. Right now we are at 289 releases listed off (most have links to stream or download the release along with artwork) and that list is growing. You can help us out by emailing us any additions at (we would prefer if you can provide a name and date for the release and also artwork, photos, or even bring a physical copy to us at Dumb Records or Black Sheep so we can get it uploaded for the public)!

We will continue to be updating this list as often as we can! You can head over to this page and check back on it on our site by hovering over the “about” tab -> and then “history” and then from there a pull out tab for “Springfield Album Archive” shows up.

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