Micah Walk Kickstarter For New Album (Goal Already Met)


Happy Monday everyone! We were going to share this new Kickstarter campaign that local solo musician Micah Walk has had going to have a brand new album recorded and produced by Sadler Vaden, acclaimed solo artist, songwriter, guitarist, producer and Grammy-winning member of Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit. Micah is a member of local folk / Americana act The Deep Hollow.

Before we could even share that Kickstarter with you, the goal of $12,000 has already been met and the campaign has six days left to go! Either way, you can check out that Kickstarter campaign online right here. You can also read more about the project there.

Dumb Records GoFundMe Update: Goal Met!


Wow, happy would-have-been-Record-Store-Day-2020! We are happy to report today that our original goal of $3,500 for our recent online GoFundMe campaign, Help Keep Dumb Records Afloat has been met as of yesterday!

Currently we are also applying for an additional $500 GoFundMe is offering a select number of small businesses currently closed as a result of COVID-19. We have also applied for a few other loans and grants, and have succeeded in securing a loan through the Paycheck Protection Program.

We are very much aware that we are not the only small local business in need during these times, and we encourage all of you to support local businesses, especially the ones that are not able to have their doors open during these times. The Downtown Springfield Inc. facebook page has done a nice job of featuring different downtown businesses each day and the services or online options they are offering during this stay-at-home order as well as other ways you can support small businesses during this time.

Since we still do not know exactly when the physical store or venue portions of our operation will be able to re-open, we are leaving our GoFundMe campaign up online for anyone who wishes to donate past our goal as well. Even if our physical store can open again, we are worried that hosting events might be much farther off into the future. We also continue to sell records and CDs online through Discogs, and other Dumb Records merch on our storenvy page.

Dumb Records GoFundMe Update


It has now been one full week since we’ve launched our most recent GoFundMe campaign online to help our store and venue “stay afloat” during these times in which all shows are cancelled and our physical store can not be open. We felt it appropriate to give a little update now – and importantly say a big Thank You to all who have donated, or even any of you who have placed orders with us when our store is closed or have shown support in any way!

As of right now we have passed the $3,000 mark! The goal we had originally set was for $3,500 – but in the case of GoFundMe we get to keep the amount we have collected even if we don’t hit that goal, and we can also collect more than that after the goal is met. Placing a dollar amount goal wasn’t an easy task for us because we did not (and still do not) have any idea how long the venue portion or physical store portion of our operation will be out of commission for. It is likely that even once we are able to open our store back up, we will still not be able to host events for some time after that.

Another 4/16/20: Aside from the GoFundMe Campaign, we have been also seeking out other means of financial aide that we are eligible for as a small business during these times. Even though the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) funding ran out on a national level today, we were able to secure an additional $2228 forgivable loan through the PPP with our bank!!!

Find the link to our online GoFundMe right here. We also encourage all of you to support any other local businesses in our community at this time.

“Help Keep Dumb Records Afloat” GoFundMe Page


Well, we have given in and launched a GoFundMe page again. 

As you know, many people and small businesses in our community and around the globe are struggling during the stay-at-home-order and precautions that must be taken to fight COVID-19.

At Dumb Records we have done our best even with our physical doors being shut to continue with online orders and engaging with customers. We do always enjoy coming up with new ideas and new things to try.

However this has only gotten us so far. With our normal operation, we rely on shows and in-store sales to make sure our rent and bills get paid. Last month we were left with no other choice but to cancel a total of 15 shows we had lined up on our calendar, and ever since then we are in a position where we can not have any new shows in the works. We are also faced with the scary uncertainty of not knowing when we will be able to host live shows again, and not knowing when our physical store open back up.

At this point it is likely that even if our physical store can open back up, it will be even longer until we can start having shows again.

So, we are reaching out to the community to help keep our store and all ages show space afloat during this time. All of our efforts to receive other financial aid or grants up until this point have also been unfortunately unsuccessful. Anything you can donate would be much appreciated, and we also encourage you to donate to or support other local businesses who are also in need.

We will likely keep this donation page up the duration of the stay-at-home-order. We also are continuing to push our online Discogs store, and storenvy pages.

Dumb Records Downtown 2019 GoFundMe


We are now one full week into 2019 and we have been moving forward on renovations, paperwork, and entering inventory of our new space at lightning speeds. So far we are very happy with how things are coming along, and much thanks to the support of many of you in the form of donations and help moving, building, and painting the new store. Yesterday we decided it was time to launch a GoFundMe campaign for the new space to raise funds we are still needing for various projects and expenses required for us to get us where we need to be.

On the GoFundMe page we put together we listed off some of the things we have been able to accomplish with funds we have raised so far (paint, deposits, bills, paperwork), and then we list off things we still need funds for (more wood, signage, tools, etc). Any little bit right now helps us immensely!

You can check out that new GoFundMe campaign right here. We have a loose goal of $10,000 set in place, but any bit of that we can raise will be going towards the new space.

We Are Collecting Money For Our Broken Heating/Cooling Unit Tomorrow at Black Sheep Fest.


We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but a few of you may have noticed it’s been a little hot inside Black Sheep this summer. That’s not just because of climate change, no. That is because our heating/cooling unit has been broken! What a surprise! We have been faced with a $2,500 repair on this unit, which is a bit much for us to wrap our heads around an easy fix or way to raise funds, when we struggle to meet bills on a month to month basis for our all-volunteer space as it is.

With the summer coming to a close and winter coming sooner than later, we are facing the reality of having to raise this money somehow, and will be starting to collect donations at Black Sheep Fest tomorrow. The jar will continue to be out for shows (we also always have a donation jar out at all Black Sheep shows). For those of you can’t make it to the fest or would rather donate online, there is a facebook campaign going right here.

Black Sheep Fest kicks off tomorrow at 3:00 pm. Check out a facebook event right here.

Brandon Carnes: “You’re My Best Friend” Queen Cover + Fundraiser for Gypsy the Dog Vet Bills


We don’t normally share these types of things on our site but this one has touched all of our hearts and also has a little bit of music involved so here it goes! Our friend and former studio operator, Brandon Carnes has launched an online fundraiser campaign to help cover his dog – Gyspy Rose’s vet costs – along with a new recorded song of the Queen hit “You’re My Best Friend.” Many of you may know Gypsy as Brandon’s dog who has spent quite a good bit of time around Black Sheep and Southtown in her years as a dog. Check out the song streaming at the bottom of this post. Find the campaign to donate right here. From the Gofundme page:

If you know me, you know my Gypsy Rose. She’s been my best friend, roommate, and co-pilot since the day we crossed paths seven and a half years ago. She’s been the center of attention while countless people have stayed at my house on tour, she’s offered a second opinion on more recording sessions than I can count. And she’s been by my side, always with her trademark smile and easy-going attitude, day in and day out.
This year, a tumor appeared on her leg that has proven to be a mast cell tumor, AKA skin cancer. We’ve had a few vet visits and we know that the cancer has not spread **phew**. She’s been prescribed steroids, which have reduced the size of her growth considerably.

I’m nearing $2000 into into her treatment, but there’s still more to be done. Theres a chance she’ll need chemo to reduce her tumor more before operating, and we know she will need a surgery to remove the mass completely.

Brandon will be back in town in just less than two weeks playing here at Black Sheep with Looming on Thursday, July 27th and also Downhome Music Festival with Park and Looming on Saturday, July 29th.

Our Lady Ask For Help Fixing Van, Release New Song


With SXSW coming up in Texas later this month, Springfield band Our Lady are planning on touring out to play a showcase as part of the fest, but need our help getting their van back in working condition! The band has launched a GoFundMe campaign with a goal of $2,300 to go towards repairs to their van (pictured above). To donate to that campaign, GO HERE. From the Our Lady facebook page:

Recently on our last out of town show the van started shaking uncontrollably before reaching a certain speed. Obviously we were terrified. We ended up having to be on the road for 8 hours as apposed to 5 because we couldn’t get the van above 55 MPH and had to get home. We took the van in to get fixed because we have a tour coming up down to SXSW and back. Its going to cost us about $2,300 to get fixed which is a ridiculous amount. Essentially everything that makes and helps the van’s wheels move straight is broken, or needing repair. We in no way were prepared to receive such a overwhelming estimate. The bill coming back as heavy as it did is beyond crippling to us. We are still in debt on the van and cannot get rid of it or trade it in. I hate to reach out and ask the most amazing people we know for help but, we need it. We never have been in this for personal gain and never will be. We payed for the recordings out of pocket and it broke our bank as a band. We recorded this latest album for everyone including ourselves. Its our attempt to connect with people who are struggling because we are struggling. We’ve been financially recovering ever since. Now with this its just a drop into an already empty bucket. We need your help. This page will only be up for one week because we leave for tour in two. So please, please share it around. Any amount helps. Anything helps. If you can’t afford to donate please share it around. We know some people are not going to agree with us doing this but we don’t have another option. Im sorry to ask any of you for anything but we need your help right now.

To offer some some thanks to fans, even those not donating, the band has released a brand new track called “Circle Around My Neck,” which you can find streaming below. Anyone who donates to the GoFundMe will receive a download to the song. The song is not from any release, but Our Lady does have a full length album coming out soon on Mayfly Records.