Brandon Carnes: “You’re My Best Friend” Queen Cover + Fundraiser for Gypsy the Dog Vet Bills


We don’t normally share these types of things on our site but this one has touched all of our hearts and also has a little bit of music involved so here it goes! Our friend and former studio operator, Brandon Carnes has launched an online fundraiser campaign to help cover his dog – Gyspy Rose’s vet costs – along with a new recorded song of the Queen hit “You’re My Best Friend.” Many of you may know Gypsy as Brandon’s dog who has spent quite a good bit of time around Black Sheep and Southtown in her years as a dog. Check out the song streaming at the bottom of this post. Find the campaign to donate right here. From the Gofundme page:

If you know me, you know my Gypsy Rose. She’s been my best friend, roommate, and co-pilot since the day we crossed paths seven and a half years ago. She’s been the center of attention while countless people have stayed at my house on tour, she’s offered a second opinion on more recording sessions than I can count. And she’s been by my side, always with her trademark smile and easy-going attitude, day in and day out.
This year, a tumor appeared on her leg that has proven to be a mast cell tumor, AKA skin cancer. We’ve had a few vet visits and we know that the cancer has not spread **phew**. She’s been prescribed steroids, which have reduced the size of her growth considerably.

I’m nearing $2000 into into her treatment, but there’s still more to be done. Theres a chance she’ll need chemo to reduce her tumor more before operating, and we know she will need a surgery to remove the mass completely.

Brandon will be back in town in just less than two weeks playing here at Black Sheep with Looming on Thursday, July 27th and also Downhome Music Festival with Park and Looming on Saturday, July 29th.

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