Dumb Records GoFundMe Update: Goal Met!


Wow, happy would-have-been-Record-Store-Day-2020! We are happy to report today that our original goal of $3,500 for our recent online GoFundMe campaign, Help Keep Dumb Records Afloat has been met as of yesterday!

Currently we are also applying for an additional $500 GoFundMe is offering a select number of small businesses currently closed as a result of COVID-19. We have also applied for a few other loans and grants, and have succeeded in securing a loan through the Paycheck Protection Program.

We are very much aware that we are not the only small local business in need during these times, and we encourage all of you to support local businesses, especially the ones that are not able to have their doors open during these times. The Downtown Springfield Inc. facebook page has done a nice job of featuring different downtown businesses each day and the services or online options they are offering during this stay-at-home order as well as other ways you can support small businesses during this time.

Since we still do not know exactly when the physical store or venue portions of our operation will be able to re-open, we are leaving our GoFundMe campaign up online for anyone who wishes to donate past our goal as well. Even if our physical store can open again, we are worried that hosting events might be much farther off into the future. We also continue to sell records and CDs online through Discogs, and other Dumb Records merch on our storenvy page.

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