Today at Dumb Records: (Would Have Been) Record Store Day 2020

Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 12.25.32 PM

We’d like to take a moment of silence for today, which would have been Record Store Day 2020, and what surely would have been our biggest day of the year and possibly of all time if a dreaded disease and global pandemic struck and changed everything.

Record Store Day has since announced that the world-wide event has been post-poned to Saturday, June 20th, but even right now we are very unsure of how the world will look on that date which is almost two months from now. We still have a facebook event up for that later event. You can follow Record Store Day (the organization) on facebook, where they are still actively promoting independent record stores around the world, and also follow their page for any latest news regarding that is supposed to be happening later on in June. ALSO, as we announced yesterday we are participating in a “virtual screening” going on of a new Vinyl Nation documentary to take place today only, on the day Record Store Day would have been. Find more info and the link to purchase tickets or the download of the film to support our store right here.

If you want to buy something from our online Discogs store in honor of what would have been a day to support local independent record stores, that is certainly welcome as well.

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