We Are Collecting Money For Our Broken Heating/Cooling Unit Tomorrow at Black Sheep Fest.


We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but a few of you may have noticed it’s been a little hot inside Black Sheep this summer. That’s not just because of climate change, no. That is because our heating/cooling unit has been broken! What a surprise! We have been faced with a $2,500 repair on this unit, which is a bit much for us to wrap our heads around an easy fix or way to raise funds, when we struggle to meet bills on a month to month basis for our all-volunteer space as it is.

With the summer coming to a close and winter coming sooner than later, we are facing the reality of having to raise this money somehow, and will be starting to collect donations at Black Sheep Fest tomorrow. The jar will continue to be out for shows (we also always have a donation jar out at all Black Sheep shows). For those of you can’t make it to the fest or would rather donate online, there is a facebook campaign going right here.

Black Sheep Fest kicks off tomorrow at 3:00 pm. Check out a facebook event right here.

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