Our Lady Ask For Help Fixing Van, Release New Song


With SXSW coming up in Texas later this month, Springfield band Our Lady are planning on touring out to play a showcase as part of the fest, but need our help getting their van back in working condition! The band has launched a GoFundMe campaign with a goal of $2,300 to go towards repairs to their van (pictured above). To donate to that campaign, GO HERE. From the Our Lady facebook page:

Recently on our last out of town show the van started shaking uncontrollably before reaching a certain speed. Obviously we were terrified. We ended up having to be on the road for 8 hours as apposed to 5 because we couldn’t get the van above 55 MPH and had to get home. We took the van in to get fixed because we have a tour coming up down to SXSW and back. Its going to cost us about $2,300 to get fixed which is a ridiculous amount. Essentially everything that makes and helps the van’s wheels move straight is broken, or needing repair. We in no way were prepared to receive such a overwhelming estimate. The bill coming back as heavy as it did is beyond crippling to us. We are still in debt on the van and cannot get rid of it or trade it in. I hate to reach out and ask the most amazing people we know for help but, we need it. We never have been in this for personal gain and never will be. We payed for the recordings out of pocket and it broke our bank as a band. We recorded this latest album for everyone including ourselves. Its our attempt to connect with people who are struggling because we are struggling. We’ve been financially recovering ever since. Now with this its just a drop into an already empty bucket. We need your help. This page will only be up for one week because we leave for tour in two. So please, please share it around. Any amount helps. Anything helps. If you can’t afford to donate please share it around. We know some people are not going to agree with us doing this but we don’t have another option. Im sorry to ask any of you for anything but we need your help right now.

To offer some some thanks to fans, even those not donating, the band has released a brand new track called “Circle Around My Neck,” which you can find streaming below. Anyone who donates to the GoFundMe will receive a download to the song. The song is not from any release, but Our Lady does have a full length album coming out soon on Mayfly Records.

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