Dumb Records Downtown 2019 GoFundMe


We are now one full week into 2019 and we have been moving forward on renovations, paperwork, and entering inventory of our new space at lightning speeds. So far we are very happy with how things are coming along, and much thanks to the support of many of you in the form of donations and help moving, building, and painting the new store. Yesterday we decided it was time to launch a GoFundMe campaign for the new space to raise funds we are still needing for various projects and expenses required for us to get us where we need to be.

On the GoFundMe page we put together we listed off some of the things we have been able to accomplish with funds we have raised so far (paint, deposits, bills, paperwork), and then we list off things we still need funds for (more wood, signage, tools, etc). Any little bit right now helps us immensely!

You can check out that new GoFundMe campaign right here. We have a loose goal of $10,000 set in place, but any bit of that we can raise will be going towards the new space.

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