“Help Keep Dumb Records Afloat” GoFundMe Page


Well, we have given in and launched a GoFundMe page again. 

As you know, many people and small businesses in our community and around the globe are struggling during the stay-at-home-order and precautions that must be taken to fight COVID-19.

At Dumb Records we have done our best even with our physical doors being shut to continue with online orders and engaging with customers. We do always enjoy coming up with new ideas and new things to try.

However this has only gotten us so far. With our normal operation, we rely on shows and in-store sales to make sure our rent and bills get paid. Last month we were left with no other choice but to cancel a total of 15 shows we had lined up on our calendar, and ever since then we are in a position where we can not have any new shows in the works. We are also faced with the scary uncertainty of not knowing when we will be able to host live shows again, and not knowing when our physical store open back up.

At this point it is likely that even if our physical store can open back up, it will be even longer until we can start having shows again.

So, we are reaching out to the community to help keep our store and all ages show space afloat during this time. All of our efforts to receive other financial aid or grants up until this point have also been unfortunately unsuccessful. Anything you can donate would be much appreciated, and we also encourage you to donate to or support other local businesses who are also in need.

We will likely keep this donation page up the duration of the stay-at-home-order. We also are continuing to push our online Discogs store, and storenvy pages.

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