Join Us For Record Of The Night!


Hey y’all! We are all stuck at home right now, why haven’t we though of having some fun and bringing the Dumb Records Record of the Night™ back to where it all began – at home. We want to invite YOU, (yes you), to show us what YOU are listening to and participate in our long-running tradition of Record of the Night™.

The rules are real loose. Feel free to send us a photo of you, your family, pets, plants, or whoever you have over there in your homes and the record that you are listening to! Keep it one record to the photo, and preferable a record we have not recently had featured!!

You can email submissions to or get ahold of us on pretty much any social media platform. If you are looking for inspiration, dive into the thousands of Records of the Night taken throughout the many many years right here. If all goes well we will have a different one featured on that link, and facebook, and instagram each night!

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