Join Us For Record Of The Night!


Hey y’all! We are all stuck at home right now, why haven’t we though of having some fun and bringing the Dumb Records Record of the Night™ back to where it all began – at home. We want to invite YOU, (yes you), to show us what YOU are listening to and participate in our long-running tradition of Record of the Night™.

The rules are real loose. Feel free to send us a photo of you, your family, pets, plants, or whoever you have over there in your homes and the record that you are listening to! Keep it one record to the photo, and preferable a record we have not recently had featured!!

You can email submissions to or get ahold of us on pretty much any social media platform. If you are looking for inspiration, dive into the thousands of Records of the Night taken throughout the many many years right here. If all goes well we will have a different one featured on that link, and facebook, and instagram each night!

Record Store Day April 22nd at Dumb Records


Every April the big annual event “Record Store Day” takes place to highlight local and independent record stores across the globe. This includes Southtown’s record store Dumb Records which has been going strong since early 2014. This year Record Store Day takes place on Saturday, April 22nd. This will be Dumb Records‘s fourth year participating and also the tenth ever Record Store Day to be held worldwide. This year our store has a lot lined up – and the event is only 11 days away!

This year Dumb Records will be open for Record Store Day from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm at night. Feel free to show up early and wait in line! Plenty of exclusive releases will be available on first come first serve basis. You can find a list of every RSD release this year on the Record Store Day site right here. We will also be posting a separate list of most of these releases which we plan on getting in store. Expect that here on our site within the next couple of days. Aside from the RSD exclusive releases, everything else in store (new and used) will be on sale for 15% off marked prices. Oh! And we almost forgot- Cafe Andiamo will be providing free coffee for all at in our store!

Of course we will be having plenty of in-store performances to go along with Record Store Day. From 10:00 am to noon you can find DJ Tariq spinning records and doing his thing at the store. Then at 1:00 pm we will be having a free in-store show with three acts. That will start with MLR featuring Luct Melod. Then Skunkworks from Jacksonville, Illinois will follow. And last we have The Young Eyes from Hillsboro, Illinois playing some sweet psychedelic indie rock. Check out their new record (which is available at Dumb on vinyl) below.

That about covers it! Find a facebook event for Record Store Day at Dumb right here, and also check out our shows page for a good look at everything else coming up at Black Sheep in the near future.

Dumb Records Buys Rights To Harm House’s “Record Of The Night”

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 12.24.06 AM

After the overall success of Cassette Store Day and general sales, Dumb Records made a bold business move earlier this week. The South Town record store (1107 South Grand East) decided to buy the rights to the inactive internet blog formerly known as “Harm House Record Of The Night” for 4 million dollars. The Springfield house venue known as the “Harm House” had been featuring photos of records on the blog for around one and a half years. You can now find the new and improved “Record of the Night” site at From the about section on the site:

We have now decided to move Record of the Night to Dumb Records to raise awareness of our local record store here in Springfield and promote records and bands that we love.

Be on the lookout for many “records of the night” taking place at Dumb Records and around South Town in the future. For a look at Dumb Records’ operating hours, go here. Find the first ever Dumb Records Record of the Night photo below.