Dumb Records Buys Rights To Harm House’s “Record Of The Night”

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 12.24.06 AM

After the overall success of Cassette Store Day and general sales, Dumb Records made a bold business move earlier this week. The South Town record store (1107 South Grand East) decided to buy the rights to the inactive internet blog formerly known as “Harm House Record Of The Night” for 4 million dollars. The Springfield house venue known as the “Harm House” had been featuring photos of records on the blog for around one and a half years. You can now find the new and improved “Record of the Night” site at dumbrecords.tumblr.com. From the about section on the site:

We have now decided to move Record of the Night to Dumb Records to raise awareness of our local record store here in Springfield and promote records and bands that we love.

Be on the lookout for many “records of the night” taking place at Dumb Records and around South Town in the future. For a look at Dumb Records’ operating hours, go here. Find the first ever Dumb Records Record of the Night photo below.


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