Dumb Records GoFundMe Update


It has now been one full week since we’ve launched our most recent GoFundMe campaign online to help our store and venue “stay afloat” during these times in which all shows are cancelled and our physical store can not be open. We felt it appropriate to give a little update now – and importantly say a big Thank You to all who have donated, or even any of you who have placed orders with us when our store is closed or have shown support in any way!

As of right now we have passed the $3,000 mark! The goal we had originally set was for $3,500 – but in the case of GoFundMe we get to keep the amount we have collected even if we don’t hit that goal, and we can also collect more than that after the goal is met. Placing a dollar amount goal wasn’t an easy task for us because we did not (and still do not) have any idea how long the venue portion or physical store portion of our operation will be out of commission for. It is likely that even once we are able to open our store back up, we will still not be able to host events for some time after that.

Another 4/16/20: Aside from the GoFundMe Campaign, we have been also seeking out other means of financial aide that we are eligible for as a small business during these times. Even though the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) funding ran out on a national level today, we were able to secure an additional $2228 forgivable loan through the PPP with our bank!!!

Find the link to our online GoFundMe right here. We also encourage all of you to support any other local businesses in our community at this time.

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