Help Us Find A New Home For Our Elephant


Black Sheep and Dumb Records are moving downtown at the beginning of next year. We are leaving where we are now at the end of the month. You know, sometimes it’s easy to forget, but we have a life-sized bright green elephant right next to our record store. We need to move that too- but the space we are moving downtown does not have an open lot right next to it like we have now. Where is our elephant going to go??? We need your help finding a spot!! If anyone knows of anywhere we can put this giant friend of ours, let us know!, 217-691-8991.

Other notes:
– The closer the downtown the better.
– We only would like to access the elephant on the trailer for the downtown parades a few times each year.
– We do plan on fixing him up. (The mayor wants to see this happen).
– It is bolted onto this trailer, it’s not likely that we remove it from the trailer in any scenario.

There have been a lot of you reaching out asking how you can help with the move! That is great! We are working on a list of things right now that we will present to you all soon on other things we could use help with right now! Stay tuned! And sorry we are not giving out our exact location of the new spot just yet- that will come very soon as well!

Mayor Jim Langfelder Appearing As Guest on The Black Sheep Radio Show This Friday


Tonight we are announcing to all of you in our lovely city that we are truly blessed to be able to have our dear mayor, Jim Langfelder on as guest on our radio program, The Black Sheep Radio Show this upcoming Friday. The show airs Friday (and every Friday) from 4:00 to 6:00 pm on 88.3 fm WQNA. You can stream online during that same time at We have been told that Jim is a record collector himself and will be bringing in a few of his favorite records from his own collection for us to play on air. If we are lucky we will also be calling up The Shadows of Knight to do a quick interview, a garage rock band which started in 1965 playing at Black Sheep on Saturday.

Recently Dumb Records made the newspapers again in the SJ-R with an article linking us to mayor Jim Langfelder “Dumb Records Uses Mayor Langfelder’s Likeness In Web Ad”. Check that out right here. The article talked about a recent video ad the store launched with a talking photograph of Jim Langfelder promoting the business. There may have been a few other videos that have popped up between now and when the article came out.

(Above photo of Jim is when he appeared for an interview on WUIS / NPR radio).

Tonight at Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s: The Coneheads, King Worm, Wolf Luv, Cal & The Calories

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It’s October, and a very special day that we have all be waiting months for has finally arrived! There are no shows at Black Sheep this weekend- instead, tonight at 6:00 pm there will be a show on the stage at Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s in Springfield (2501 Stevenson Drive). Tonight The Coneheads from North Western Indiana will be taking the stage. Understand America’s cone-craze by listening to the music on the player below. This show will also feature local hardcore/punk band King Worm, which we have heard is playing their final show for this special night. Before then you get to see a real live wolf crawl around on the Hardee’s stage with the band Wolf Luv. And opening things right up at 6 is our friend Cal and his band Cal & The Cruisers.

Again, tonight will start at 6:00 pm and no later! This show is all ages and free to the public, and there will be a donation jar and some posters for sale for the traveling bands and to cover costs of event insurance. Check out a facebook event right here.

Lincoln’s Legends Podcast and Mayor Jim Langfelder Talk Southtown


Lincoln’s Legends Podcast, which focuses on people doing things and creative minds here in Springfield, just released an hour-long interview with the mayor of Springfield, Jim Langfelder. Jeremie Bailey of the podcast talks to the mayor about Lake Springfield, local music, downtown development, and even mentions everything going on in Southtown. Dumb Records, Black Sheep, and Skank Skates came up in the topic of development going on around the city. Check out the full podcast right here, we also did our best to type up some of the the Southtown portion of the interview below:

Jeremie: Speaking of stimulating growth, have you had a chance to check out the Southtown community?

Mayor: Along South Grand?

Jeremie: Mhm, the Southtown entity for the Black Sheep, Dumb Records, the recording studio…

Mayor: I haven’t been inside there, no. I went to the festival that Bourbon Street had, the one on Brown Street there a couple of weeks ago. I went there one of the days, but I haven’t gone into the skate… the skate what is it?

Jeremie: Skank Skates

Mayor: Skank Skates, right.

Jeremie: They just celebrated their ten-year anniversary. It’s very near and dear to my heart. I used to play music, I’ve always been inspired by it. We have some of the most talented people in that area. And if you do have time, it sounds cliché, but there is something happening every single day there.

Mayor: I’ll have to go online and look you up on the youtube!

Jeremie: They’re all on the channel! But we actually have the second oldest skate park ever.

Mayor: Oh, really? Oldest in the country?

Jeremie: Yes, the country. They actually just finished their Kickstarter, they got more than they were asking for, they are documenting from VHS to digital of every pro-skateboarder or BMX rider that’s been through there since the 80’s. So there’s Skank Skates, there’s the music venue which bands from all around the world come and play. It’s all ages, it’s straight-edge as much as you can get, no drugs or alcohol along the premises. There is a record store you can sell LPs. Yes, records! 45’s, that’s what I’m saying not mp3’s!

Mayor: Like Recycled Records?

Jeremie: Yeah! But the amazing thing is, they are all young, they are all in their 20’s. And the amazing thing is the one that was in charge for the longest, who is 33, he had been there the 10 years. It just blows my mind the fact that in our city, in the same four block radius you can come in as a band- you can write, record, sell, and play your own music, along with the skate shop right next to it. There’s not a lot of people that say they have that in their city but it’s all sprawled out.

Mayor: See these are the types of stories we want to tell on the cable access channel with the city! Before it was always utilized to promote city government. What we want to do is promote Springfield through that means. Well, I’ll have to come check it out!

October 3rd at Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s: The Coneheads, King Worm, Wolf Luv, Cal & The Calories


There are some exciting things happening in Springfield coming up this fall, and one of them is this show happening not at Black Sheep but instead at the outdoor stage at Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s on Stevenson Drive. It looks like there is an incredible rock n’ roll/punk show there going to be happening on Saturday, October 3rd. For this show there will be a performance by the North-West Indiana punk group The Coneheads, who were recently featured on Pitchfork Magazine. You can find some of The Coneheads’ music streaming below. This show features one Springfield punk band, and that is the slimy five-piece hardcore group King Worm. Then the Hardee’s stage will be visited by a real wolf, from the Champaign/Urbana band Wolf Luv. And to top all of that off, if this show wasn’t cool enough for you already we have the rock group Cal & The Calories from St. Louis featuring Cal himself. What a show!

The Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s show will start promptly at 6:00 pm, and go until about 9:00 pm. There is no admission, instead there will be a box for donations for the out of town acts. There of course will also be food for sale inside Hardee’s. This event is all ages, and alcohol is not permitted. Find a facebook event for this right here. Also check out our Springfield shows page for a list of local shows going on outside of Black Sheep.

August 7th & 8th at Downtown Springfield: Downhome Music Festival



August is almost here, and with it comes the 5th Annual Downhome Music Festival. Each year Downhome Fest collects a sample of Springfield’s eclectic art and music scene, throws in a large selection of Craft Beers and turns up the volume to 11. The result? A huge party in the middle of Downtown Springfield! This years Downhome Fest brings together 34 bands on 5 stages over two days (August 7th & 8th). Bands scheduled to play include NIL8, The Timmy’s, Our Lady, The Complaint Line, The Luhzin Defense and many more.

Check the official Downhome Music Fest page here for the full line up, set times and other details. Tickets are $5 in advance and $7 at the door.

Springfield Business Journal: “Hello, Young Springfield!”


It looks like Dumb Records and the rest of Southtown has yet again made it to the monthly publication The Springfield Business Journal. This time our block is mentioned in an article looking at the topic of ways to attract younger people to visit Springfield. The article points to Southtown as an exception to a lack of activities and businesses drawing youth and keeping them from leaving the city. From the article:

“One exception is the fiercely independent community of small business owners, musicians and skateboarders who have gathered around the once-blighted corner of South Grand Ave. and 11th Street – the neighborhood known as Southtown – which over the past few years has evolved into the home of a record store (Dumb Records) a working recording studio (Southtown Studio) and a skate shop (Boof City), alongside a longer-standing skateboard ramp (Skank Skates) and all-ages concert venue (The Black Sheep Cafe).

This staunchly alternative-minded group of young people is a bright spot in a traditionally bleak local youth culture. These are young, talented, vital people who are choosing to live in Springfield long past the town’s usual sell-by date as a home base. “If I hadn’t started the studio, I wouldn’t still be in Springfield,” said musician and Southtown Studio owner-operator Brandon Carnes (whose band, Looming, recently signed a contract with prestigious California punk rock record label No Sleep), and this attitude is echoed throughout the Southtown community. There is even a current crowdfunding campaign online at to raise money, in part to help make improvements to the run-down neighborhood.

A passionate, constructive, cultural community like the one that has developed in Southtown can only be a good sign for the city as a whole – especially as it is managing to make Springfield an attractive home for young adults who could easily set up elsewhere. However, it is only a start. This kind of “scene” is almost by definition insular, with self-selecting participants pursuing often highly specialized goals in rarefied, often purposefully ramshackle, environments.”

The rest of the article (written by Scott Faingold) can be found at Barnes & Noble and a few other locations in town. Dumb Records was on the cover of The Springfield Business Journal when it opened up early last year.