On The Move With Reco Hill (Video Series)

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Over the past month or so, there has been a new original video / interview series coming out of Springfield on youtube called “On The Move With Reco Hill” and we are lovin’ it. This new series is a collaboration between Reco Hill and Elijah Settles. Elijah has been doing the videography and Reco Hill hosts the interview segments. Above is a photo of Reco interviewing Ken Pacha. We’ve embedded the video for that one below, we’ve also embedded a video segment of Reco interviewing the active Black People Party of America during a week of protests in Springfield. Most of the interviews are relating to local music.

Be sure to check out the full channel for On The Move With Reco Hill right here, be sure to like and subscribe!

Activator Magazine / Crowdson Creative Present: Dexter Anodyne (Video Series)

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Activator Magazine has posted this month’s edition of their ongoing video series they have been putting together with Crowdson Creative. In the series artists perform some of their songs live on video, paired with video interviews. Check out the video embedded below, or right here on the Activator youtube channel.

Earlier videos Activator has also released as part of this series include last month with Bottom Bracket (right here), Vincent Sebastian right here, and Blushe right here.

Activator Magazine Presents: Bottom Bracket (Video + Interview)

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This one is a little bit of old news, but while we are all cooped up – we’ve got time to dig back up some of that! Going along with the cover of Activator Magazine‘s March issue being Bottom Bracket with an interview about the band’s new album, I Don’t Care Enough To Stay coming out later this month on Rat King Records – Activator also added to their video series and posted some live footage of the band at their house, The CFP, and an interview as well. You can check out that video below.

Of course now, Bottom Bracket’s release show previously scheduled for March 28th here at Dumb Records with Looming, Nectar, and more has been postponed to a later date to be determined. Activator Magazine has also announced they will not be doing a print issue for April due to COVID-19.

NPR Illinois: Black Sheep Update & Show Announcements


Recently Rachel Otwell of NPR Illinois / WUIS sat down with Black Sheep owner Clare Frachey to discuss how things have been going for us since our call for help last month as well as some big events that we have coming up this fall. You can listen to that six minute long clip on the WUIS site right here. From the article:

While the long term future is unclear, it’s bright for now. Frachey says a serious concern is interest will peak over the next few months but then drop off again. “Our purpose in reaching out to the community was really to create long term results where people buy in, they have ideas, they contribute – and it’s something they want to invest in,” she says.

Tomorrow of course is the Black Sheep 12 Year Anniversary Show taking place at Black Sheep at 7:00 pm. It will also be a special event because at the end of the show names will be drawn for our annual Black Sheep Band Lotto.

The Buzz: “Bottom Bracket Goes Behind The Scenes Of Their New EP”


Springfield twinkly twankle emo band Bottom Bracket were recently featured in Champaign-Urbana online publication Read Buzz. From the article:

Fresh from the Springfield punk scene, Bottom Bracket boasts a complex sound that falls into the crossover of emo and math rock subgenre. Comprised of Mario Cannamela, Carter Bibb and B.J. Pearce, Bottom Bracket will be self-releasing their first EP, “Dreamland,” on Sept. 16.

As if self-releasing their first record isn’t already impressive, Bottom Bracket’s members are multi-talented with strong ties to Springfield’s very own DIY scene — recording and releasing their first EP in true DIY fashion. Buzz caught up with Cannamela, Bibb and Pearce the night before their show in Champaign at Blips and Chitz to talk about “Dreamland.”

Check out that full article on readbuzz.com right here. Of course Bottom Bracket will be playing their release show for their new EP Dreamland at The Black Sheep 12 Year Anniversary show coming up this Saturday which will be made available online after that. Stick People will also be releasing their CD Lips, both of which were recorded right here at Southtown Sound. You can already listen to one of the Bottom Bracket tracks- “No Pressure” via New Noise Magazine right here.

Take The Pulse: “Prescience Tapes Set Out To Highlight The Springfield Punk Scene”


Drew Kodrich, co-owner of Black Sheep and also manager for local small tape label “Prescience Tapes” was recently featured in a short interview put on by Central-Illinois based music site and podcast “Take The Pulse.” From the post:

Drew told me in an interview that it’s not a huge operation but something that he loves to do. He uses the label to help promote other local bands in the genre by making tapes for the bands to do whatever they want with them. To help promote, Drew takes copies on tour with him and works with local record stores to get his Prescience Tapes releases in their stores.

Check out the full article right here.

Prescience Tapes recently worked with Southtown recording studio Southtown Sound to release a 15 song compilation of Dumb Fest bands recorded this past June. Find that streaming online right here.

Noisey: The Punk Scene in Springfield Takes Its DIY Culture Seriously (with Some Goofiness)


While most of us were busy staring into the sun yesterday, some of you may have noticed that Black Sheep, Dumb Fest, and Springfield’s Punk Scene made it big into the national spotlight through this Noisey article. The article “The Punk Scene in Springfield Takes Its DIY Culture Seriously (with Some Goofiness)” is a report on the punk and DIY scene in Springfield, Illinois with a closer look at some of our very own bands. From the article:

Despite the financial challenges and the practical roadblocks of spreading the word, the Springfield scene still experiments with different ways to get more people involved. Late every summer, the all-ages show space hosts Black Sheep Fest, which highlights the most active and best local bands in the area, and they also throw annual band lotto shows, where people put their names in a hat and randomly get drafted to new bands. “Even with all of the challenges we face and the tremendous amount of our own time and money we have to put into this thing,” Galecki says. “All of us realize that what we have going is extremely important to giving others a voice and outlet to create music and art and keeping a community alive in Springfield.”

Check out the full article online right here. A number of musicians and artists involved in the Springfield music scene are interviewed including Clare Frachey, BJ Pearce, Drew Kodrich, Jeff Williams, Brandon Carnes, Brian Galecki and more. An in-depth look at bands Looming, Pryss, Livin’ Thing, and more are also shown in the article.

Looming Perform New Song “Waves” On Sanctuary Sessions

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Happy Sunday to you all! Today we bring you news off a few live sessions that the formerly Springfield, now all-over-the-country band Looming did for “Sanctuary Sessions” based out of Nashville, Tennessee. The band stopped by the Sanctuary Sessions studio on their most recent tour and recorded two songs live as well as an interview. Those two songs include “Output” from their debut album Nailbiter and also a brand new track off of the upcoming album. The new song is called “Waves.” Check out the video for Waves on Sanctuary Sessions facebook page right here.

Check out the interview where Dave of Sactuary Sessions talks to Jess and Brandon right here. Looming’s next show in Springfield right now is Downhome Music Festival June 27th and 28th (we are not sure which date they are playing)!! Be on the lookout for more info on Looming’s new album and more Springfield shows soon.

Jess Knight also recently did a live performance and interview with Rachel Otwell at WUIS / NPR Illinois which you can find online right here.

Clare Frachey, Stephen Houldsworth Featured on WUIS


A couple of notable figures in the Springfield/St. Louis music scenes very much relating to Black Sheep were recently featured on the radio in interviews put together by Rachel Otwell and WUIS. Those were Stephen Houldsworth and Clare Frachey (pictured above). The two were featured on WUIS for separate interviews.

Rachel talked to Stephen Houldsworth during his presentation at Black Sheep last week and also got some talking bits recorded directly from the presentation. The interview brushes up on Stephen’s involvement as a activist and documentarian of the St. Louis protest and punk scenes, as well as his background as a gay man living in Boston during the AIDS outbreak in the 1980’s. You can check out the WUIS segment streaming online right here.

Clare Frachey was also featured on WUIS as guest host of the weekly segment “The Scene” hosted by Rachel Otwell and Scott Faingold. Clare touches on her involvement with The Black Sheep, setting up monthly art shows at Cafe Brio, and also current projects SAP and Shark Week. You can also check out that segment online right here.

The Studio Show Episode 2 Featuring Clare Frachey

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The new Springfield-based television show that we can’t get enough of, called The Studio Show has released their second ever episode which features Clare Frachey as the guest artist. You might recognize Clare as the singer/guitar player of local band SAP. The new episode of The Studio show is about 30 minutes long, and in addition to Clare it also features different clips, and also a studio performance by the band Deep Hollow from Springfield.

Check out the new episode below, or head over to The Studio Show youtube page where you can find both episodes as well as a few other clips.