Noisey: The Punk Scene in Springfield Takes Its DIY Culture Seriously (with Some Goofiness)


While most of us were busy staring into the sun yesterday, some of you may have noticed that Black Sheep, Dumb Fest, and Springfield’s Punk Scene made it big into the national spotlight through this Noisey article. The article “The Punk Scene in Springfield Takes Its DIY Culture Seriously (with Some Goofiness)” is a report on the punk and DIY scene in Springfield, Illinois with a closer look at some of our very own bands. From the article:

Despite the financial challenges and the practical roadblocks of spreading the word, the Springfield scene still experiments with different ways to get more people involved. Late every summer, the all-ages show space hosts Black Sheep Fest, which highlights the most active and best local bands in the area, and they also throw annual band lotto shows, where people put their names in a hat and randomly get drafted to new bands. “Even with all of the challenges we face and the tremendous amount of our own time and money we have to put into this thing,” Galecki says. “All of us realize that what we have going is extremely important to giving others a voice and outlet to create music and art and keeping a community alive in Springfield.”

Check out the full article online right here. A number of musicians and artists involved in the Springfield music scene are interviewed including Clare Frachey, BJ Pearce, Drew Kodrich, Jeff Williams, Brandon Carnes, Brian Galecki and more. An in-depth look at bands Looming, Pryss, Livin’ Thing, and more are also shown in the article.

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