NPR Illinois: Black Sheep Update & Show Announcements


Recently Rachel Otwell of NPR Illinois / WUIS sat down with Black Sheep owner Clare Frachey to discuss how things have been going for us since our call for help last month as well as some big events that we have coming up this fall. You can listen to that six minute long clip on the WUIS site right here. From the article:

While the long term future is unclear, it’s bright for now. Frachey says a serious concern is interest will peak over the next few months but then drop off again. “Our purpose in reaching out to the community was really to create long term results where people buy in, they have ideas, they contribute – and it’s something they want to invest in,” she says.

Tomorrow of course is the Black Sheep 12 Year Anniversary Show taking place at Black Sheep at 7:00 pm. It will also be a special event because at the end of the show names will be drawn for our annual Black Sheep Band Lotto.

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