Help Us Find A New Home For Our Elephant


Black Sheep and Dumb Records are moving downtown at the beginning of next year. We are leaving where we are now at the end of the month. You know, sometimes it’s easy to forget, but we have a life-sized bright green elephant right next to our record store. We need to move that too- but the space we are moving downtown does not have an open lot right next to it like we have now. Where is our elephant going to go??? We need your help finding a spot!! If anyone knows of anywhere we can put this giant friend of ours, let us know!, 217-691-8991.

Other notes:
– The closer the downtown the better.
– We only would like to access the elephant on the trailer for the downtown parades a few times each year.
– We do plan on fixing him up. (The mayor wants to see this happen).
– It is bolted onto this trailer, it’s not likely that we remove it from the trailer in any scenario.

There have been a lot of you reaching out asking how you can help with the move! That is great! We are working on a list of things right now that we will present to you all soon on other things we could use help with right now! Stay tuned! And sorry we are not giving out our exact location of the new spot just yet- that will come very soon as well!

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