July 16th at Dumb Records: Kangaroo Court, Pucker Up, Wettail

Good morning! Here we are comin’ out of no where again to let you know about a show that is coming up at Dumb Records on Saturday, July 16th. This one is the next show happening at our space.

“Scream Like Hell” is not the name of a band, it is just the name of the show. There are three bands on this show. At the top of the lineup is “Kangaroo Court” from Champaign / Urbana. We’ve embedded a recent music video of theirs below for you to check out. Sounds like they are bringing the rock! Also bringing the rock, or hardcore punk-rock is Pucker Up from right here in Springfield! They do have a demo recorded, click the link on their name to listen to it! The third band on the show is “Wettail” playing some type of garage punk from Bloomington, Illinois.

This show… all of our shows start at 7:00pm but the flier for this one says 7:30pm. Admission is $10. Check out a facebook event for this one right here. Also check out our upcoming shows page on our site, which we are working on!!

Saturday, June 4th at Dumb Records: Rig Time, Shroud, Dwell, Pariah

Look at this, this is our next show happening here at Dumb Records. It is happening on Saturday, June 4th (that’s this Saturday). Sorry, we haven’t been making website posts. Maybe we are again, maybe we’re not. Maybe we’ll do a newsletter again someday, maybe not. Either way, we are still putting out records all of the time and shows are still happening.

For this show we have the band Rig Time! coming from La Crosse, Wisconsin. How fun! That band played at Black Sheep once, maybe back in 2018 or something. Yeah, 2018. That was 4 years ago now and a different era. Stream that band’s music on the player below if you feel like it. Also on this band is local band Shroud. They are heavy as h*ck. (But what band isn’t heavy on any of these shows nowadays, right? lmao). Did Shroud release a demo yet? idk. Dwell is another band playing this show, from the Alton, Illinois area. Then opening things up is the second(?) ever show for the new local band Pariah.

This show starts at 7:00 pm and admission is $7. Check out a facebook event for this one here. Check out our shows page, which only has two shows listed right now. Check out our underground forum that no one is on, for fun!

April 15th At Dumb Records: (Rescheduled) Jazz Show With End Times Trio, Baker/Davis/Verploegh

Okay here’s a non-hardcore show announcement for you all! Actually this is just an announcement for a show that we have re-scheduled, similar to one that was supposed to take place in January. This one is actually happening on Friday, April 15th now and it is a jazz and art show!

This show will start at 7:00 pm, and entry this time around is just $5. Find a facebook event for this one here. It is likely we will have our shows page re-booted up by the end of the day today. For no we have no rules regarding covid for this show!

March 26th at Dumb Records: Si Dos Quiere, Snuffed, Shroud, Dwell, Subversion

Now it’s time for us to start announcing more shows! Here is another hardcore show (don’t worry we got some other non-hardcore shows coming up to announce later) – happening on Saturday, March 26th.

This show features touring act “Si Dos Quiere” from Chicago. They are a hardcore band and you can stream their latest three-song release on the player below. Also from Chicago and hardcore/punk band we have the return of SNUFFED, who played here at some point last year and features members of other groups formerly from Central Illinois in the Black Sheep years. Right in the middle of the lineup is Springfield / Decatur / Central Illinois newer hardcore group SHROUD, who recently had a demo come out. Before them is “DWELL” which is a hardcore band from a little drive South of here in Alton, Illinois. Opening things up is a brand new band from here that we know little about called Subversion!

All of that starts at 7:00 pm and admission is $7. Check out a facebook event for the show right here. We’re still working on updating our shows page, sorry. What’s our covid policy for this show? We are no longer checking vaccination status at the door and for this one we will probably no longer be requiring masks!

March 7th at Dumb Records: Prevention, Payasa, Psyop, Pinkville

Good morning, and happy tornado drill Tuesday. We finally have our next show to announce here at Dumb Records, coming up in just six days on Monday, March 7th. Oh, it’s March!

This show is another hardcore show. Prevention is playing. The touring band on this bill is PAYASA, “blistering hardcore” music from Chicago. You can stream their demo on the player embedded below. Then we have “Pysop” from Iowa City, Iowa! On tour with Payasa maybe? But they don’t have any music recorded yet it looks like! Whoops! The fourth and final act on this show is Pinkville from St. Louis! They play loud punk music!

This show starts at 7:00 pm on Monday and admission is $7! The arcade will be open! Find a facebook event here. This is the only show we have announced right now, we’ll re-boot our shows page when we announce a couple more. Here’s a covid policy update as well:

  • Masks will still be required for this show.
  • That’s it.


December 11th at Dumb Records: Flatfoot 56, Attic Salt, Night Night Boy

Hey, there’s a big show going on over here that we have not yet made an official website post here for! That’s right, on Saturday December 11th, Flatfoot 56 is comin’ to town!

Flatfoot 56 – American Scottish / Celtic punk band from Chicago, Illinois. They have played here in town a couple of times before, at least once as far back as a full decade ago at The Black Sheep Cafe. They have been a band since the year 2000 – that’s 20+ years. You can stream their latest album, Black Thorn on the player below. Also on this show once again is Attic Salt, a band from here we all know and love. Opening things up this time around is the Brandon Carnes alternative short-song rock band “Night Night Boy“.

This show is a $10 banger, and starts at 7:00 pm like most of our other shows. Find a facebook event right here. Also check out our shows page for a list of upcoming shows right here. And this part we’re serious about – like our other shows, we will be enforcing masks worn by all attendees and checking for proof of vaccine (either in physical card form or photos of one), or negative COVID test within 72 hours.

December 19th at Dumb Records: Die, Prevention, Split, War And Rumor

Alright here, real quick! We’re gonna go over a show announcement real quick! This one is happening on Sunday, December 19th so mark your calendars!

Okay, for this show we’ve got a band called “Die” from Chicago! Stream their music on the player embedded below. Didn’t we just recently have a band called Die play here? Yes, but that was “DYE” from Kansas City, apparently a different band. Also on this show of course is heavy hitting hardcore band Prevention. Then another band called SPLIT. Didn’t they recently play here too? No, that show got cancelled and they didn’t get to play here, so now they are. And we’ve got War & Rumor from Jacksonville.

That’s it, that’s the show. This show starts at 7:00pm, admission is $7, and we will be requiring masks and checking for proof of vaccine or negative COVID tests within 72 hours still.

Additions To November 27th Show: Big Laugh (Milwaukee) + Some Other New Band

Good afternoon and here is an *official* post to let you know we have a couple of additions to a show previously announced for Saturday, November 27th here at Dumb Records. Certainly this will be a busy weekend being the day after Black Friday Record Store Day.

The lineup previously announced is Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship, Nite Frvr, and Trauma Harness all from the St. Louis area, and then “Animals With Human Names” – the hip hop project from here. Now two new added acts include BIG LAUGH (hardcore band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin), who have played here at Dumb Record before the pandemic, and also some other new band that we don’t even know the name of from Springfield and Central Illinois. This new band features Drew Kodrich on something. Stream some of Big Laugh’s music on the player below.

Find a facebook for this show right here. Start time is still 7:00 pm and the admission cost was $6, so who knows maybe it’s $7 now. Vaccine cards and masks required upon entry.

November 30th at Dumb Records: World’s Greatest Dad, Tilt Warning, Kate Laine

It’s time to get back on track with our show announcement posts over here. There are a few shows that have been announced outside of our usual website or facebook events have gone up for! This one is happening on Tuesday, November 30th!

For this show we have the national touring indie/emo band from Atlanta, Georgia called World’s Greatest Dad. (That’s WGD for short, and you can stream their latest release on the bandcamp player embedded below). Actually you know what, stream both of their latest releases on the player below. Also on this show is Tilt Warning – the fairly new three-piece emo band from here and Central Illinois. Opening things up is indie rock act Kate Laine, who we are excited to see back here at Dumb for the first time since before the pandemic!

All of that starts at 7:00 pm and admission is $10. It is safe to say that we WILL once again be checking for proof of vaccines and masks will be required. Find a facebook event for this one right here!

November 27th at Dumb Records: Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship, Trauma Harness, Nite Frvr, Animals With Human Names

Here’s another show announcement for you all! This one is happening here just the very day after Black Friday – on Saturday, November 27th! It features a number of acts who haven’t played in Springfield in years.

“Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship” is a fun dancey type project from the St. Louis area, which has been going on for a very long time now. Literally the last time they played here was in 2012 at Black Sheep. Look, it was even one of our first “show tonight” website posts. You can stream a brand new song from S.Y.Y.R. on the player embedded below. Also on the bill is St. Louis area post-punk band Trauma Harness, who used to frequently play The Black Sheep as well. We also got “NITE FRVR” (I think pronounced “night forever”) which is another project featuring Pat Cadaver, of Bellville Illinois You’re Not Kablamo fame). Opening things up is the one Springfield act on the bill and that is hip hop project Animals With Human Names.

Woohoo! All of that kicks off at 7:00 pm and admission is $6. Check out a facebook event for that show right here. Also check out our shows page for a look at what all is coming up that has been announced at our space.