April 13th at Bread Stretchers: Stick People, Parkway & Columbia, Heck, Kate The Band


Today we have another show happening for us to tell you about going on right next door to us at Bread Stretchers, on Record Store Day! It’s looking like downtown is going to be the place to be on Saturday, April 13th! For this show we have a solid bill, one touring act and three locals. The touring act on the bill is “Parkway And Colubmia“, a group that had played at Black Sheep at some point in recent years from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Check out their music on the player streaming below! This show is going to close out with Stick People the 90’s grunge / punk group from Taylorville Illinois. We also have Heck, solo project of Hannah Songer from Bloomington, Illinois. Opening things up is the re-vamped better than ever Kate Laine aka “Kate The Band” performing as a three-piece full band. This should all be a good time.

This show kicks off next door to us at Bread Stretchers at 7:00 pm sharp on Record Store Day. Admission is just $5. Check out a facebook event here. Check out our shows page to see what else is coming up at Bread Stretchers.

December 22nd at Black Sheep: Pryss, Living Thing (Final Shows), BIB, Devil’s Den, Power of Dusk, Blushe


Here’s another big big big show that we have not done up an official announcement post for! Wow! One of the last ever Black Sheep Show: on Saturday, December 22nd we have a mega lineup of a punk/hardcore show that you will not believe. First off, the bands Pryss and Livin’ Thing will BOTH be playing their FINAL shows ever. Both bands started at the very beginning of 2015 (right?), and now they are ending things along with the end of our venue. Then we have a band in hardcore music and one of the best in hardcore music: BIB. If you don’t believe us you can stream some BIB on the player below. We also have the return of Devil’s Den from Kansas City, Missouri who just played here last month. Also Power of Dusk from Champaign/Urbana. Opening things up is the first ever performance of a brand new Springfield band called Blushe.

Wow. This show starts at 7pm and admission is $7-10. Find a facebook event for the show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page to take a look at the nine shows we have left.

December 21st at Black Sheep: NIL8, Stick People, Attic Salt, Starter Jackets, Statues of Something


Wow, can you believe it!? We have not actually made an official show announcement post for this mega-show happening on Friday, December 21st. This one is being called the “Hobgoblinspookakrumpus” and features long running Springfield punk band NIL8 performing for the last time inside our space. Wow! We also have Taylorville’s own Stick People on board playing for the first time in a while as well. Also a band we have not seen at Black Sheep in a minute – Attic Salt! Stream their music on the player below. Another band featuring members of Attic Salt we haven’t seen in a minute is playing: Starter Jackets. And yet another band that hasn’t played Black Sheep in a long time – Statues of The Dead is teaming up with ANOTHER one – Say Something for a big ol’ collaborative set to open things up. Wow!

This show starts at 7:00 pm and admission is $5-10, pay what you want. Check out a facebook event for this one right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page to look at everything else coming up for this final month of Black Sheep.

December 14th at Black Sheep: Graveswitcher, Prowess, MAC, No Cash Value


We are wrapping up on all of our final show announcements at Black Sheep in the space we have known it to be for over 13 years! It truly is a bittersweet time. Here is a show happening on Friday, December 14th featuring a solid group of local punk bands. We have Graveswitcher – the loud and crushing new hardcore band featuring members of many other local groups. We also have Prowess – this will be their last set inside Black Sheep so surely something goofy will happen, right? Also MAC – the punk rock group that released an EP earlier this fall. Last but not least is No Cash Value – back and better than ever with a brand new lineup.

This show will start at 7:00 pm and admission is just $5. No reason not to come out and have a good time! Check out a facebook event for this one right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a good look at what all is coming up at Black Sheep before we shut our doors at the end of the month and begin a big move.

December 8th at Black Sheep: Summoning The Lich, Dr. Dick Ramirez, Eyes From Above, Primitive Deception, Nethersphere


It’s December! That means it’s our final month in operation in the current locations of Black Sheep and Dumb Records before we pack up at the end of this month and move downtown. It surely is sad, but also very exciting times. We have just a handful of shows left to announce – there will probably be right around ten shows this month total, and some surely wild ones. This one one week from today on Saturday, December 8th is going to be the last metal show at Black Sheep! It features touring act Summoning The Lich from St. Louis, which you can find streaming on the player below. It also features local act Eyes From Above who just released a new EP! Very cool. We’ll also have a visit from “Dr. Dick Ramirez” which happens to be another metal band from Quincy, Illinois.  If that’s not enough metal for ya, we have Primitive Deception up before them from Decatur, Illinois. And opening things up is Nethersphere from Jacksonville!

This show will start promptly at 7:00 pm and admission is $7. Check out a facebook event for this show right here. Also check out our shows page for a look at everything left happening at Black Sheep in our current location.

Tonight at Black Sheep: No Cash Value, Telephone Junkies, Loverboard, Heptanes, Flunkie


We’ve got a show going on tonight! Our only show this weekend and we just might be down to the final ten Black Sheep shows left… ever! It’s mostly an all local lineup of five groups. We have the return of No Cash Value, the Jacksonville punk group that have taken a break for a minute it looks like. We also have The Telephone Junkies, the perfect indie/alternative soundtrack band to your fall in Springfield. We have “Loverboard” a band from… the Peoria area? Is this true? Also a rare performance by Springfield duo The Heptanes! And opening things up is a solo project called Flunkie.

This show starts at 7:00 pm and admission is $5. Check out a facebook event for the show right here.

December 7th at Black Sheep: Falter, Capitol Offense, LIVID, Brute Force, Final Order


We’re going to be getting out all of these final show announcement for Black Sheep in the space it’s been for the past 13 years here in the next few weeks. This one is happening in less than two weeks on Friday December 7th, and will feature some capital “H” hardcore bands. This show features Milwaukee classic hardcore group Falter, who have performed at our space off and on for some years now. Stream some Falter on the player below. We also have Capitol Offense from Decatur taking our stage one last time. Another Wisconsin band coming through is LIVID – as seen on this year’s Dumb Fest in June. Brute Force from the St. Louis will be joining us as well, and opening things up is Springfield hardcore band Final Order.

All of this starts at 7:00 pm on 12/7. Admission is $7-10, take your pick. Find a facebook event for this one right here. And check out our shows page for a look at what is lined up at Black Sheep while we are still here.