August 16th at Dumb Records: End It, Shackled, Bitter Truth, Prevention, Barosa

Holy smokes, we gotta show. We are announcing a show. The first show we are announcing to happen almost a year and a half after our last show in March of 2020. We might have more shows to announce soon, we will see. This one is happening Monday, August 16th.

Okay, for this show, we’ve got… the band END IT from Baltimore, Maryland on tour. You can check out a short song of theirs streaming on the player below. End It will be on tour with Shackled from Howell, New Jersey. Both of them are heavy hardcore bands. Then coming from a different direction of the country is Bitter Truth from Grand Rapids, Michigan! In the middle of all of this we do have the EP release show for local hardcore band Prevention! You know, the four song EP they released earlier this month. Opening things up is a band called Barosa. They might loosely be based out of Decatur, IL.

You can check out a facebook event for this show right here. Looks like we gotta go back and re-boot our Dumb Records show page now!

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