March 7th at Dumb Records: Prevention, Payasa, Psyop, Pinkville

Good morning, and happy tornado drill Tuesday. We finally have our next show to announce here at Dumb Records, coming up in just six days on Monday, March 7th. Oh, it’s March!

This show is another hardcore show. Prevention is playing. The touring band on this bill is PAYASA, “blistering hardcore” music from Chicago. You can stream their demo on the player embedded below. Then we have “Pysop” from Iowa City, Iowa! On tour with Payasa maybe? But they don’t have any music recorded yet it looks like! Whoops! The fourth and final act on this show is Pinkville from St. Louis! They play loud punk music!

This show starts at 7:00 pm on Monday and admission is $7! The arcade will be open! Find a facebook event here. This is the only show we have announced right now, we’ll re-boot our shows page when we announce a couple more. Here’s a covid policy update as well:

  • Masks will still be required for this show.
  • That’s it.


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