(Important) Black Sheep Roundtable Meeting + Dumb Fest Cleanup Wednesday


Here we are the week before Dumb Fest 6. We have to admit that we have been going through a lot of heavy things at Black Sheep headquarters these past few weeks completely separate from getting ready for a fifty band festival. We feel it is pretty important to hold a Black Sheep Roundtable Meeting to discuss our future, or the future of any form of DIY all ages show space in Springfield.

We also do need to start cleaning up the grounds for Dumb Fest (picking up trash around the block, clearing weeds, etc). Also vacuuming and tidying up the inside of Black Sheep, etc. We are looking for someone with access to an industrial-sized fan for Dumb Fest Saturday!!!

An open Dumb Fest clean-up will be happening at Black Sheep and surrounding areas on Wednesday, the 6th from 5:30 to 8:00 pm. Then at 8:00 pm we will be holding a Black Sheep roundtable meeting to discuss our future (maybe other Dumb Fest preparation that needs to be discussed). Thank you to all who have been supporting us over the years and continue to do so!

Black Sheep Roundtable Meeting Tonight


Yes, with our most recent announcement a week or so ago about us entering a difficult time, and the front page State Journal-Register story, a lot of you may have a lot on your mind. It’s been a minute since we have hosted a Black Sheep roundtable meeting, but here we are having one tonight at 7:00 pm. You can expect about an hour of this to be solid meeting points, and maybe around another hour of discussion and things fizzle off around there. Here’s what you can expect tonight:

  • Us reiterating the position we are in right now. We will be happy to further explain to all of you interested a breakdown of our operating costs and how much we need to make per show to keep up with them.
  • The importance of coming to shows.
  • We’ll also be more than willing to explain our show booking process in depth, especially to those who are interested in starting to help set up shows. This is a process we are open to hearing details to fine-tune, but not necessarily something we are wanting to completely change.
  • If you want to come with ideas, that is great and we will listen to them all, but also not the main point of us having this meeting.
  • Further discussion on what YOU can do to get more involved or help improve our space.

Black Sheep Roundtable Meeting This Sunday


Welcome to September! With our more recent announcement last week that things over at Black Sheep are looking rough in terms of show attendance and we are not sure how much longer we can keep up with things, a lot of you have a lot of things to say. We felt that Rachel Otwell of NPR Illinois summed up a lot of feelings us as the owners of the venue have as well about the state of things for us right now, and we also did our best to answer some FAQ’s that might be coming to fruition after our original announcement.

This Sunday, September 3rd at 7:00 pm inside of Black Sheep we will be holding a roundtable meeting open to the public. We are not necessarily interested in holding a meeting where an audience only throws out suggestions at us on how to change things. Instead, we are more focused on reiterating how things are looking for us right now as a venue, to answer any questions you may have about that, or further the discussion. We also want to reiterate that our space is a community-driven one, and that we are here for everyone who wants to set up shows or events.

Southtown DIY Theater Troupe

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 8.27.55 AM.png

Coming up on Saturday, March 19th (before the show that is already scheduled) we will be hosting the first of possibly many meeting at Black Sheep Cafe to discuss the beginning efforts of forming an all inclusive DIY Theatre Troupe! Alex Martin, founder of the troupe, will be discussing her motives for why having an alternative theatre outlet is a good idea in Springfield, how you can get involved, and what the possibilities for troupe activities will be. Ranging from politically charged scripts to weird and avant guard performances, this troupe will be a must see must do for all those who want to witness and/or participate.

The meeting will be taking place on Saturday, March 19th from 5-6 pm and is open to everyone. There, you will be able to learn about these topics as well as schedule an appointment or audition to further specify how your interests and talents can benefit the troupe. Find a facebook event for the meeting right here. Even if you aren’t interested in taking part, come to this meeting to learn more!

2-6 Black Sheep Roundtable Meeting Recap


Last Saturday, on February 6th we hosted the first Black Sheep roundtable meeting that we have had in a while. The meeting was completely open to anyone wishing to attend, discuss ideas or just sit in and listen. A lot of great ideas came up at the meeting as far as things we can do to get more people out to shows and better utilize our space. Here are some key points that were brought up:

  • A “get involed” zine is currently in the works to better map out how our space works and things that you can do to get involved and help us run it.
  • Wednesday yard crews are going to start back up, lead by BJ Pearce. The first one of the year is happening March 2nd!
  • A lot was discussed on the topic of having non-musical events at Black Sheep. We are open to game nights, hang outs, theater/play performances or anything else! A game night has been scheduled for March 16th.
  • We also discussed the topic of show goers feeling unwelcome at our space. We talked about the idea of hanging up a sign that explains what a “safe space” means to us. And as Devon says, “Leave your dirt at home!”

For a more in-depth look at meeting notes, check out this long doc on facebook. We also agreed to have our roundtable meetings from here on out on a quarterly basis, meaning we will be having four each year. Our next meeting will be some point in late May or early June as we approach the big Dumb Fest 4-Ever. Check out our get involved page for more ways you can get involved with our community and notes on when the next meeting will be.

Black Sheep Roundtable Meeting Tonight


It’s a Saturday night, and there aren’t any shows happening at Black Sheep but instead we are hosting our next roundtable meeting! You got any suggestions on how we can improve our space? You want to tell us why you quit coming to shows? We want to hear from you! We aren’t necessarily looking for suggestions directed at Black Sheep co-owners on what to do better, but more-so a discussion among all show goers and volunteers on how we can all improve our space and music community.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to come! The meeting tonight will be at 7:00 pm inside of Black Sheep. We are expecting it to go on until 9:00 pm. If all goes well we are planning on continuing our roundtable meetings on a quarterly basis (four meetings a year). We also have a “get involved” zine in the works that will be available to everyone and will almost work as a how-to in getting involved with the Black Sheep community and Springfield music scene. Check out a facebook event for the meeting tonight right here!

Black Sheep Roundtable Meeting February 6th


It’s been a little while since we’ve last had a Black Sheep Roundtable Meeting, and lucky for you all there is one coming up this upcoming Saturday, February 6th! Want to tell us why you stopped coming out to shows at Black Sheep? Have any ideas about what can be added to our space or how things can be ran differently? Just want to hang out and listen? Then come out to our roundtable meeting and let your voice be heard!

The meeting is at 7:00 pm inside of Black Sheep on Saturday. Of course everyone is invited to this. You can find a facebook event for the meeting right here. Also check out our get involved page for more ways you can get involved with our community.

Roundtable Meeting Tonight at Black Sheep


There are no shows this weekend at Black Sheep (next show is Wednesday, July 8th), but tonight we will be hosting our one monthly roundtable meeting. The meeting will be at 7:00 pm (and go roughly until 8:30 pm), and everyone is welcome to join. Here are some of the things we will be going over at tonight’s meeting:

– Where we are at on Project Southtown
– Making sure all of the incentives are going out
– What important projects we need to take on right away
– Big events coming up and what we can do to better plan for them
Black Sheep Fest 2015
– Black Sheep Battle of the Bands
– Black Sheep Art Show
– Other brainstorming / ideas we can come up with for improvement and making our space better

If you can’t make it to tonight’s meeting check out our get involved page to read up on more you can do to help out!

Black Sheep Roundtable Meeting This Sunday


With the completion of the Project Southtown kickstarter campaign just a little over one week ago, and all of our summer events coming up, we are ready for next open roundtable meeting at Black Sheep. We will be holding our next meeting this Sunday at 7:00 pm inside of Black Sheep to discuss recent projects including Project Southtown and brainstorm new ones. Anyone is welcome to join us for the meeting, even if you feel you do not have much to contribute.

Don’t forget we also have a t-shirt design contest going on for Black Sheep Fest 2015! Submissions are due to blacksheepspringfield@gmail.com by 8:00 pm on Monday, July 6th.

Dumb Fest 3-D Roundtable Meeting Tonight at Black Sheep

14430130461_0b8ef51e66_oIt’s June, so that means we only have a little amount of time left to prepare for Dumb Fest 3-D happening on June 12th and 13th this year. Tonight at 8:00 pm we will be having a Black Sheep Roundtable Meeting to discuss Dumb Fest related things, come up with ideas to make the festival the best it can be this year, and to also organize help. Everyone and anyone is welcome to join us, even if you feel that you don’t have much to contribute. We will also be talking about SOHO Festival happening downtown this upcoming weekend and also the ongoing Project Southtown Kickstarter Campaign.