Southtown DIY Theater Troupe

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 8.27.55 AM.png

Coming up on Saturday, March 19th (before the show that is already scheduled) we will be hosting the first of possibly many meeting at Black Sheep Cafe to discuss the beginning efforts of forming an all inclusive DIY Theatre Troupe! Alex Martin, founder of the troupe, will be discussing her motives for why having an alternative theatre outlet is a good idea in Springfield, how you can get involved, and what the possibilities for troupe activities will be. Ranging from politically charged scripts to weird and avant guard performances, this troupe will be a must see must do for all those who want to witness and/or participate.

The meeting will be taking place on Saturday, March 19th from 5-6 pm and is open to everyone. There, you will be able to learn about these topics as well as schedule an appointment or audition to further specify how your interests and talents can benefit the troupe. Find a facebook event for the meeting right here. Even if you aren’t interested in taking part, come to this meeting to learn more!

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