Black Sheep Roundtable Meeting Tonight


Yes, with our most recent announcement a week or so ago about us entering a difficult time, and the front page State Journal-Register story, a lot of you may have a lot on your mind. It’s been a minute since we have hosted a Black Sheep roundtable meeting, but here we are having one tonight at 7:00 pm. You can expect about an hour of this to be solid meeting points, and maybe around another hour of discussion and things fizzle off around there. Here’s what you can expect tonight:

  • Us reiterating the position we are in right now. We will be happy to further explain to all of you interested a breakdown of our operating costs and how much we need to make per show to keep up with them.
  • The importance of coming to shows.
  • We’ll also be more than willing to explain our show booking process in depth, especially to those who are interested in starting to help set up shows. This is a process we are open to hearing details to fine-tune, but not necessarily something we are wanting to completely change.
  • If you want to come with ideas, that is great and we will listen to them all, but also not the main point of us having this meeting.
  • Further discussion on what YOU can do to get more involved or help improve our space.

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