The State Journal-Register: “All-Ages Music Club Facing A Dark Time”


Wow, it looks like things are really getting serious for The Black Sheep and the times we are in because today we made the front page of local paper The State Journal-Register with an article titled “All Ages Music Club Facing A Dark Time.” The article was written by Steven Spearie, who interviews co-owners Brian Galecki and BJ Pearce as well as NIL8 frontman Jeff Williams about Black Sheep. Pick up the Sunday paper at a gas station near you today for $3 or find the article online right here. From the article:

“We have a history, a culture in Springfield, a community that’s been around and we have stories to tell that can last a lifetime,” contended Pearce. ”(Black Sheep) is going to be around if people choose to attend shows.

“It’s a spot unlike anywhere else in the Midwest.”

We will also be holding a roundtable meeting inside Black Sheep at 7:00 pm tonight to further discuss topics going on in the article, and what’s next for us in these dark times.

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