(Important) Black Sheep Roundtable Meeting + Dumb Fest Cleanup Wednesday


Here we are the week before Dumb Fest 6. We have to admit that we have been going through a lot of heavy things at Black Sheep headquarters these past few weeks completely separate from getting ready for a fifty band festival. We feel it is pretty important to hold a Black Sheep Roundtable Meeting to discuss our future, or the future of any form of DIY all ages show space in Springfield.

We also do need to start cleaning up the grounds for Dumb Fest (picking up trash around the block, clearing weeds, etc). Also vacuuming and tidying up the inside of Black Sheep, etc. We are looking for someone with access to an industrial-sized fan for Dumb Fest Saturday!!!

An open Dumb Fest clean-up will be happening at Black Sheep and surrounding areas on Wednesday, the 6th from 5:30 to 8:00 pm. Then at 8:00 pm we will be holding a Black Sheep roundtable meeting to discuss our future (maybe other Dumb Fest preparation that needs to be discussed). Thank you to all who have been supporting us over the years and continue to do so!

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