2-6 Black Sheep Roundtable Meeting Recap


Last Saturday, on February 6th we hosted the first Black Sheep roundtable meeting that we have had in a while. The meeting was completely open to anyone wishing to attend, discuss ideas or just sit in and listen. A lot of great ideas came up at the meeting as far as things we can do to get more people out to shows and better utilize our space. Here are some key points that were brought up:

  • A “get involed” zine is currently in the works to better map out how our space works and things that you can do to get involved and help us run it.
  • Wednesday yard crews are going to start back up, lead by BJ Pearce. The first one of the year is happening March 2nd!
  • A lot was discussed on the topic of having non-musical events at Black Sheep. We are open to game nights, hang outs, theater/play performances or anything else! A game night has been scheduled for March 16th.
  • We also discussed the topic of show goers feeling unwelcome at our space. We talked about the idea of hanging up a sign that explains what a “safe space” means to us. And as Devon says, “Leave your dirt at home!”

For a more in-depth look at meeting notes, check out this long doc on facebook. We also agreed to have our roundtable meetings from here on out on a quarterly basis, meaning we will be having four each year. Our next meeting will be some point in late May or early June as we approach the big Dumb Fest 4-Ever. Check out our get involved page for more ways you can get involved with our community and notes on when the next meeting will be.

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